Book – Al Dawah ilul Islam by Sheikh Ahmad Mahmoud

Al Dawah ilul-Islam by Sheikh Ahmad Mahmoud

 This invaluable book, a translation from the original Arabic book, addresses the subject of the Dawah to Islam. The book discusses through daleel (evidence) the Method to Re-establish the Islamic State and bring Islam back to the realm of society. As well as detailing the Islamic Shari’ method it also addresses some of the key issues facing the da’wah carriers as they work against the odds and against the prevailing superpowers who work feverishly to thwart the growing movement of Islamic political revival.

This book is a must read for all those who work for the Khilafah. Sheikh Ahmad Mahmoud’s acclaimed work stands as a unique shari’ treatise in Islamic revival that both Muslim’s living in the Muslim world and Muslim’s in the West are required to study.

Download the book here (in PDF format – approx 2mb)