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Birmingham Mail Repeats the Lies of the Hate-Filled Government Quango

The government’s chief muscular liberalism propagandist, Sara Khan, and her Extremism Commission published a report filled with insinuation and inaccuracies, labeling any opposition to the aggressive promotion of extreme liberal values as hate.

The Birmingham Mail Newspaper produced an article which relied heavily on the fallacious government report in an attempt to sensationalise and blame infiltrators for the ongoing parental dissatisfaction with local primary schools forcing children to confront liberal ideology at such a young age.

The article named Hizb ut Tahrir among groups allegedly exploiting the protests of the parents. The paper made no attempt to contact Hizb ut Tahrir / Britain for a comment prior to publishing their erroneous article, which stated “Hizb ut-Tahir and other pro-Islamist organisations allegedly tried to use the dispute, centred on two small primary schools in Sparkhill and Alum Rock, to “promote their belief that Western liberalism was a threat to Islam”.

Hizb ut Tahrir is a political party which has worked for decades seeking to engage people in a meaningful discussion of the ideas and policies that impact people’s lives, of which the education of children is of obvious concern. We believe that the secular liberal ideology of capitalism is destroying the beauty of life for most of the world’s population today, including those who suffer the daily violence and oppression on the streets in Britain and overseas. The extreme hatred of the government and the media that promotes their agenda has led to untold misery for most of today’s world.

We propose the Islamic way of life as a genuine alternative to heal the deep wounds that Western capitalist liberalism is inflicting on the underprivileged masses today. It is incorrect to say that we see Western liberalism as a threat to Islam: it is rather a threat to all of humanity!

It is, therefore, the responsibility of all people to expose this dangerous hate-filled and divisive ideology whenever they encounter it. For that, we commend the parents who do not sit idly by watching as their children are subjected to liberal experimentation.

The peddlers of hate in the government have been truly dismayed by the responsible attitude of the Muslim community, especially the parents, who they fully hoped and expected would raise their voice with such words against LGBT activists, fuelled by irrational hatred, not to raise their voice in the face of the Muslims. However, the Muslims showed that our ideology is not one of hate, but of genuine care for humanity. The last resort of the Extremism Commission, who already had their narrative, regardless of the evidence, was to blatantly lie about Islam and the Muslims in Britain, labeling us as the hate-filled extremists, while it more accurately applies to themselves.


Yahya Nisbet

Media Representative of Hizb ut Tahrir in Britain

Tuesday, 09th Safar 1441 AH

08/10/2019 CE

Ref. 1441 AH / 02