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Bangladesh Headlines – 12 Feb 2019


  • 4000MW Power Plant a Headache Now!
  • Bangladesh 13th Most Corrupt Country: Transparency International


4000MW Power Plant a Headache Now!

A four thousand megawatt power plant has become a headache for the power department since a production-distribution balance has not been created. One source says that due to reforms plus crisis of fuel, many plants may be inoperative. Power Department report says that the 4 thousand cooling load is not needed in winter but will be essential in summer; therefore, in winter many plants sit idle. Reportedly, at present, 78 centers are idle of a total of 142. Since many plants were constructed within the non-government sector, the capacity charge has to be given. (Source: Bangla Tribune 08 Feb 2019)

Power sector is another example where the capitalist ruling elites are manipulating a genuine crisis of the country for their dirty political and economic benefits. We knew that shortage of power was one of the main hindrances to our economic development and industrialization. But, to put it correctly, now it is not the shortage, rather efficient and sincere management of the power sector is the main problem here. The ruling Capitalist-democratic system never seriously thought to industrialize our county and until 2010, they never planned to generate power to live up to the demands. As a result, the power crisis culminated to the point where people got extremely agitated and raised their voice against this uncaring ruling system. Even then, instead of undertaking proper and sincere measure to overcome this problem with the long-term vision of capacity building and self-sufficiency, the democratic rulers looked for a quick solution to gain a cheap popularity. This provided the cruel capitalists a means to usurp people’s money by way of quick rental scheme. Many greedy businessmen by using their undue political influence managed to get license to invest in this lucrative sector and making huge profit. At the same time, the imperialist country, like India, Russia and others capitalized the issue and managed to invest in a number of power-plant projects in Bangladesh with a very favorable terms having no regard for the environmental risk. Poor people now paying a high price for the electricity that they are not even capable of using. Unfortunately, there was no policy for industrialization commensurate with the generation of power. In fact, the democratic rulers are more concerned about serving the imperialists and capitalists and they are least bothered to resolve issue like power generation and industrialization.


Bangladesh 13th Most Corrupt Country: Transparency International

Bangladesh slips one more rank as the 13th most corrupt country in the world. Transparency International (TI) reveals in its global graft index that in in South Asia, Bangladesh stands as the second most graft affected country. (The Daily Star, 1 February, 2019)

History is already the biggest witness that the result of democratic way of life is always full of corruption and incongruity. Democracy is leading society and country according to the free will of individuals and powerful groups. So while making law under democracy, the interests of the ruling thugs have been secured. It really doesn’t matter whether the rulers are elected through a fair election or not or their appearances and ruling styles resemble a dictator. Here general people must be happy with the dregs of a ‘trickle down’ system.

Having said the above, we should also not be fooled by the crafty organizations like TI which manufactures such worldwide ranks to hide the hideous face of secularism and democracy. These attempts are maneuvered with wily statistical analysis to correlate democracy and corruption negatively. While the fact is that these two conditions are clearly positively related, and the root of the problem is basically the system that a secular-democratic ideology induces.

So the position where Bangladesh is now tagged with as the 13th most corrupt state is basically an official notice by the masters towards their puppet agents here in Dhaka. This announcement is not at all targeting corruptions anyway as the superpowers are the top beneficiaries of the kickbacks. Rather, it is masters’ advice and warning to the slaves to be more careful to camouflage the obvious apocalyptic profile of democracy and secularism.