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Woe to him who is an Ally of America and a Friend of Trump!

Intensive contacts are taking place today filled with contradictions on the future of Syria and the possible Turkish military operation in the eastern Euphrates. Turkey has long been waiting for a green light from America on the subject of the military operation under the pretext of the threat posed to it by the PKK / PYD. Last year, similar events took place, and Trump’s decision to withdraw from Syria was presented as a victory for President Erdogan, but the days have passed, and nothing like this has happened. Similarly, in Manbij, no progress has been made, even by one hair by the recognition of senior officials, and Turkey was forced to content itself with joint patrols by Turkish and US military personnel.

The contradictions in the Syrian issue are clear and not hidden from eyes. In order to understand the situation, we raise these questions: If PYD, which America provides weapons with thousands of trucks, is a terrorist organization according to Turkey, how can America become a friend and ally?! If Russia and Iran, which stand by the Assad’s murderous oppressive regime according to Turkey; how can Turkey go side by side with them in Astana and Sochi, and consider them friends allies?! If Turkey stands with the oppressed Syrian people and their rightful revolution; How can we understand the handover of the truce areas, the checkpoints and Aleppo, and now Idlib to the Syrian regime, but rather how do we also understand sending signals of the meeting to the Assad regime?!

Those who answer these questions honestly, boldly and fairly are well aware that a great trap is set for the oppressed Muslims. The issue is the re-handover of all of Syria to the Assad regime in the name of “Syrian territorial integrity”, and then restoration of the regime’s legitimacy at the tables of treason and diplomatic forums. The US distributes roles between Turkey, Russia, Iran, the PYD / PKK and the opposition, which is grouped under the name of the “National Army,” and Turkey directs them as required by the course of events. Turkey, which announces day and night its military campaign is waiting for the green light; it will not move its finger. Trump did not give in to receive President Erdogan during his visit to America last month, and then he invited him to visit him within a week. While the US is directing military attacks in Syria on one hand, it is managing the political process on the other. Turkey, which is concerned about a new wave during the liquidation of Idlib and its handover to the regime, is considering the formation of a line by camouflaging behind the PYD pretext, and is awaiting US approval. America that wants not to disturb (!) PYD/PKK, which it considered an ally in its war against ISIS, pretends to threaten Turkey on the one hand, pushes the Kurds into the arms of the regime on the other, and prepares the ground for the return of Kurdish areas to the regime.

This operation, which awaits the green light from America, cannot be for the good of Islam, Muslims, Turks or Syrian brothers. And the sanctity of the blood of a Muslim man shed there is greater to Allah than the demolition of the Kaaba. We declare it explicit! The aim of this operation is not the PYD organization, and not a single shot will be fired at this allied organization of America and the regime and its assistances, but this operation is in the context of the ongoing preparations for the war, which will be launched on the opposition forces which have been stamped with “terrorism”, which stands against the regime and the Alleged “National Army ” in Idlib, and as a prelude to opening a field to direct thousands of innocent Syrians from inside Syria and Turkey to it, and woe to you from the day of reckoning!


Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir in Wilayah Turkey

Tuesday, 09th Safar 1441 AH

08/10/2019 CE

No: 1441 / 03