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From Azerbaijan to Uzbekistan

Precious blood surpassing the weight of gold

Bloodshed filling rivers

Crimson flow

So cheap in the eyes of the enemy.

The enemy whose hollow cavity filled with detest

Baring fangs only to sink into the flesh of the bare Ummah

Using the chance to tear at the limbs of the Muslims

Before their Mutassim declares Jihad

Before Allah the Greatest of Tormentors descends His Wrath for all oppression committed against humanity.


Not to fret dear Noble Ummah, on the Day of No Return

The traitors who betrayed you

who committed the unthinkable

turning you into pawns

for their pharaoh like reign will too meet the fate of Pharaoh.


Your tears of sorrow and pang will fill your heart with glee on the Day when your temporal duaa were unanswered

For your Lord has gathered a few of His beloved to be in His Shade

Your duaa which He kept hidden as buried treasure will be unearthed to sparkle more than the jewels of the world.


You shall no longer weep tears of anguish

but your eyes which witnessed the horrors too terrible to speak of

but your eyes which witnessed devastation too criminal to speak of

but your eyes which witnessed deviation that beasts would not dare commit

Will attest to your Faith on the Day of Reckoning.


Tears met one by one as reward for your patience, rigidity, solidness.


In this Dunya you shall find solace that these rulers will be accounted by the One Who Created them

and on that Day your streams will be your witness.

If you felt the waves of dread fill your chest that would suffocate the weak of Faith

If you witnessed the deepest of blackness leaving the faint of heart paralyzed

Rejoice dear Ummah!

You are a Glorious Ummah who has yet to witness the Dawning of the second Khilafah

You have remained steadfast for this long – others would have surrendered long ago

Rest assure, it will be near

Hold out for the Promise of the Aziz, the tidings of the Best of Mankind

For it is only a matter of time

a time which you will be greatly rewarded the Pleasures of the Paradise.


Gather your strength

Gather your might

Be strong for it is only a matter of time

“Verily, with every hardship comes ease”.


Oppressed – you and every oppressed –

Maimed, captured, tortured, raped

Are in the duaa of every Muslim

Our hearts ache for you

Our eyes weep for you

Our bodies toil for you to bring you sorely needed Nusrah.


We vow not to rest until the Promise of Allah Almighty is achieved and that is only with His Generous Permission.



Manal Bader