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Without Islam’s Gold Dinars and Silver Dirhams, Our Currency Will Always Collapse Before the Dollar. Dollar Hegemony is Maintained by the IMF, the Guardian of the Western International Financial Order

Complying with IMF conditions, Pakistan’s government sharply devalued the rupee, by around twenty-five rupees, which is ten percent of its value, unleashing a storm of inflation. A sharp increase in the prices of electricity, oil and gas is expected soon, with news that an ordinance to impose additional taxes of 300 billion is on its way. All this crushing hardship is a prelude to the expected IMF mission, for its Ninth Review. These harsh measures are after the Prime Minister, Shehbaz Sharif, announced submission to all IMF conditions. It has thus been established that under the Western international order, Pakistan can never stand on its own feet, even if a thousand governments come and go!

The current international order is rigged in favor of the West. It grants the US and its dollar an unfair advantage over the financial systems of all other countries. It has institutionalized this injustice. Without its removal, we will always be beaten slaves to this American order. This order is gradually robbing us of our sovereignty. It is sacrificing our vital concerns, which include Afghanistan, Kashmir and domestic policies. It now includes weakening Pakistan’s armed forces and limiting nuclear assets.

It will be the Khilafah (Caliphate) that will end the monopoly of the US dollar, by using the gold dinar and silver dirham, for both domestic and international trade. Islam’s stable currency will end rampant inflation and establish fiscal discipline. So, whoever is collaborating with this international order on the basis of pragmatism, or peddling false dreams of success under the colonialist order, is both a traitor and an agent of the international order, directly or indirectly.

It is the American international order that took away three rivers from us, separated Bangladesh, surrendered Kashmir after Siachen, allowed India to build dams on our rivers, prevented us from executing Kulbhushan Yadav and ensured the release of Abhinandan Varthaman. It forces us to pay the lion’s share of tax revenues on interest (riba) payments. It was the World Bank that forced Pakistan to hand over the electricity generation sector to the private sector in the 1990s. Now, neither the government can afford to produce sufficient electricity, nor can the people afford what is available. Clearly, there is no salvation for Pakistan under this international order!

O Officers of Pakistan’s Armed Forces! Neither China, Russia, Germany, France nor Britain will destroy America’s international order. They are all America’s partners, benefitting from its system. The current international order is the latest variant of a Western order, organized against Islam and Muslims. This order will only be overthrown by the sincere soldiers of this Deen, when they re-establish a Khilafah in the Muslim Lands, particularly Pakistan. It will be the Khilafah that will unify Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Central Asia and the Middle East, as well as beyond, Africa and South East Asia, as the world’s most powerful state. It is the Khilafah that will end the financial monopoly of the US dollar by issuing the gold dinar and silver dirham, paving the way for the rest of the world to reject the dollar. The Khilafah will sell oil and gas for gold and silver alone. It will reject all interest (riba) loans. It will be a state that will have food security, energy security and a strong defense. The Khilafah will establish the supremacy of Islam, burying the tyranny of the American international order forever. So, O Pakistan’s Armed Forces, what are you waiting for? Grant Nussrah for the establishment of the Khilafah (Caliphate) on the Method of Prophethood!

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Press Release
7 Rajab 1444 – Sunday, 29th January 2023
No: 23 / 1444

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