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Wilayah Pakistan: Remembrance of 23 March Let Muslims Work to Re-Establish the Khilafah!

On 23rd March Muslims of this Region declared that Hindu Domination is not acceptable to them But today Pakistan’s Rulers are helping the Hindu State to establish its Domination over Muslims of the Region…

23rd March reminds us that Muslims of this region did not accept the domination of Hindus even when they were living under British occupation and they took preemptive measures against expected Hindu aggression after the withdrawal of British form the region. So how can Muslims of Pakistan today accept the domination and brutal aggression of the Hindu State and adopt the policy of “Restraint” when Muslims today have a State, Pakistan, a nuclear power with world’s seventh largest army. On top of this the recent response of Pakistan’s Armed Forces against Indian aggression has proven the superior quality and bravery of our forces.

Rajab Al-Haram 1440 AH – March 2019 CE