Wicked Politicians are a Product of Wicked Democracy

The Truth, Justice and Reconciliation Commission (TJRC) that was established to investigate violence and killings in Kenya has presented its report to President Uhuru Kenyatta. The commission has disturbing reports that politicians in the current government and those who served in the past three governments were involved in political assassinations, murders, corruption and grabbing of public land. Hizb ut Tahrir / East Africa wishes to elaborate the contents of the report as follows:

The report is a comical show as those mentioned as perpetrators of the injustices are the ones who established the TJRC and are the same ones who will establish a commission to implement its recommendations!! Additionally, it is surprising that the chairman of the TJRC Bethwel Kiplagat is embroiled in a scandal of the brutal killings meted against the Muslim community of Somali origin (Wagalla Massacre) in 1984. Hizb certainly knows that those recommendations will be disregarded as has been the case with other commission reports like the Anti Corruption report.

Hizb is aware that most Kenyan citizens know the evils committed by politicians on a daily basis but for fear of retribution, they do not mention them in public. This is because some of those who have come forward to reveal the wickedness of politicians more often have fallen into trouble. This is clear evidence of the lies by democratic authorities that they safeguard freedom of speech!

In conclusion, Hizb notes that it is not only the TJRC or any other commission, rather it is a tactic to deceive the public to continue having faith in Democracy and its evil Capitalist ideology. Democracy has a dirty history since its inception. Under the pretext of Democracy, great Western nations through their puppets perpetrate genocide in Africa, Middle East and Asia. All these evils have presented a clear and precise picture of democratic politicians and how they are engulfed in all manner of calamities not only in Kenya but the whole world.

Shabani Mwalimu

Media Representative

Hizb ut Tahrir East Africa

28/05/2013 CE

18 Rajab 1434 AH

REF: 12/1434 AH