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Why do you implement economic measures based on non-Islam?

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan issued statements following the Presidential Cabinet Meeting at the Presidential Complex. Erdogan said, “We are struggling hard to overcome the pressures and costs of interest, inflation and exchange trivets on the Turkish economy. With our production diversity, logistical capabilities, strong supply chain, incentives and dynamic workforce, we are at a level which will please everyone investing in Turkey.” (Haberturk 14.12.2020).


The present rulers, whose only concern is to build their world, are not even aware of their hereafter which they have ruined and lost. However, those who were victimized by the world are in front of their eyes. It degraded those who prized it, and left all those whose only concern is the world in need.

In a capitalist order where the people are in a valley and the rulers are in a different valley, the rulers are unfortunately unaware of the troubles of the people they govern.

In the country they rule, people see suicide as a solution and put an end to their lives because of not being able to find work and food. However, they talk about the interest, exchange and inflation pressure on the economy. People react against injustice, oppression and financial difficulty, but they talk about a level which will please everyone investing in Turkey. It seems that President Erdogan thinks that all problems are solved by giving a bit from the taxes and fines to the people, which he collected from them in droves.

As long as you use your property for the continuation of the Kufr system instead of the domination of Islam, and refer to its solutions which are based on Harams, you will not be able to get rid of falling into disgrace and being doomed to derogation. While interest is the base of your economy and while you have spread this Haram under the people by means of loans and incentives, saying that these put pressure on the economy is talking good and working bad. The abandonment of interest, which is forbidden by Allah (swt) and His Messenger ﷺ, has not been a warning to you. It did not bother you, but the pressure of interest on the economy, the resulting inflation, has bothered you. There will be the deuce to pay!

It is good to remind the President again. There is a pressure from the democratic secular system, which you bring up repeatedly, on the values and belief of this people. There is a pressure from the brutal capitalism you implement on the livelihood and the pocket of this people. There is a crime of giving 400 billion dollars to interest lobbies which you took from the people during your reign. There is a pressure of underestimating people’s mind with inflation figures prepared at the desk. While half of the people you rule are fighting for their lives on the brink of starvation, there is pressure on the people from the rulers who ignore these and could talk tough. There is a problem of sacrificing the taxes collected in a cruel manner and forcibly from the people to the tax amnesty of big capital owners. While you live high off the hog, there is an impudence of making millions of people being stuck on the minimum wage and making them to plead this. There is a problem of deceiving the people by using external powers as an excuse for your lack of skill in ruling despite the fact that you cooperate with these external powers in every platform.

There is a crime and a sin of making foreign investors deposit their money to the banks here in exchange for high interests, which is done under the name of investment, and making benefits available regarding people’s labor. Investment, employment and production is done by providing convenience and giving operating right to blood sucking big companies with regards to the underground and aboveground sources.

You have inflicted cruelty by ascending the throne of office, position and wealth where religion serves your property, and by yielding to flesh. If you really have acted out of fear of Allah, you would not have taken the pressure of interest as a base, but its complete abolishment. If you targeted prosperity for the people, you wouldn’t turn a blind eye to billions of dollars of waste, especially in your presidency, around you, and in your municipalities. You would not allow some people around you to add the sources of the Ummah to their wealth.

You already inflict the biggest cruelty by governing the people with a system which is forbidden by Islam. Depraving the people with this order of oppression is Haram upon Haram, crime upon crime.

Islam’s ruling system, Khilafah (Caliphate), where the mankind will find peace with, will protect us from harms. It will rule with justice, ensure prosperity to all people, lock Harams, blow out oppressions and bring Islam to the continents, and its coming is inevitable.

Just as the herd is in order with the shepherd, the country will be in order by the implementation of Islam. And this will be soon with the permission of Allah.


Ahmet SAPA