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Who is there to Defend the Honour of Muhammad ﷺ?

Hateful secularists continue to exploit the vacuum of Islamic political leadership in the world today

Every so often the hateful apologists for secularism claim their right to insult Muslims by burning printed Qur’ans and publishing cartoons that mock the Prophet Muhammad (saw). True to form for those who cling onto falsehood, knowing full well that they have no ability to intellectually challenge the Islamic belief, let alone defend their own false ideology. Throughout history we have witnessed countless attempts of those corrupt people, whose livelihood depends on corruption and the exploitation and misery of others, to besmirch the honourable reputation of the Prophets of Allah (may peace be upon them all), in the vain hope that they can avoid their corruption being revealed in front of the ordinary folk. The Prophets spoke the truth to their people, calling them to justice and good living, while the corrupt elite opposed them, insulted them and defamed them with their wicked lies.

Our Prophet Muhammad (saw), who is our honour, is the last and final Prophet to all humankind. His message of Islam contains the standard of justice for all actions today, whether personal, social, economic, judicial, or political. The secularists today have no proof for their false belief, so they attack Islam and attempt to defame it. Yet in so doing, they only expose their hopelessness at challenging the intellectual proofs of Islam, and insult the Muslim community across the globe.

This appears to be the deliberate aim, as it is merely a part of a continuation of the policies of the mainstream media and governments. They lead the way with their hate driven agenda in insinuating that the Muslims have nothing to offer for the world but corruption; although the truth of the matter is that their secular capitalist ideology, in particular, is the origin of all misery and corruption in the world today, and they wish to divert peoples’ attention away from that fact. Shallow apologists then follow suit, either spewing their rancour on the streets, online or in print, or even taking up arms against innocent worshippers in the mosques. The agenda is one and the same.

Yet here we are again, still without a sincere political leadership who implements the Islamic Shariah and calls the world to justice and the guidance of Muhammad (saw). Instead, all of the leaders in the Muslim world cowardly accept the international norms as dictated to them by the West, barely able to offer a feeble protest to defend the honour and dignity of the Muslims and their Prophet. They are not even willing to defend the lives of women and children who are slaughtered just next door, so what hope is there that they could muster the courage to offer a robust challenge to those who dare to mock the Prophet Muhammad (saw). Sadly, some individuals fall into the Western traps, unaware of the true scale and roots of the problem, so take matters into their own hands, yet always do more damage than good.

Allah did not leave humankind without guidance for He sent Muhammad (saw) to guide us. He did not leave us to forget His final message to all humankind, for He sent the Dawah carriers to carry it all over the world. He did not leave us without a state to demonstrate the justice of Islam, defend us and our honour, for He sent the rightly guided Caliphs (khulafaa) with a great example to follow.

What is missing today is the will of the leaders to stand up in unity to challenge those who transgress the limits. As such, and until we as an Ummah gather together to restore the Khilafah (Caliphate) on the way of Prophethood, then the elite capitalists and the haters who do their bidding will continue to exploit our weakness; safe in the knowledge that there will be no effective response.

We call upon Muslims to work for Islam, work for the Khilafah, and liberate humanity.

In 2014, when insulting the Muslims was last in fashion, we published a Press Release condemning it then, as it should also be condemned today. Please read


Yahya Nisbet

Media Representative of Hizb ut Tahrir in Britain

Friday, 16th Muharram 1442 AH

04/09/2020 CE

Ref. 1442 AH / 02