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When will you Desist from Turning your Faces towards the West?

Turkey’s president Erdoğan sent a letter addressed to US president Trump along with the medical supplies aid. In the letter, collaboration and reliable association is emphasized. (Agencies)


While the economic crisis in 2008 and its aftershocks  still continue having a negative impact on the world market, and the world has not recovered from the economic downfall since 2008 yet, the virus pandemic had bewildered everything. It would not be wrong to say that the fiasco of America’s struggle against Coronavirus pandemic is the actual evidence of the fail of the capitalist system and its solutions. Notwithstanding the senior financial opportunities and even the capacity to win the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine of America, it apparently has failed struggling against the pandemic. Considering the struggle and practices of America against the virus, it is conspicuous that America is as aidless as the third world countries.

The superpower states that claimed a few months ago to be able to go into space and live there, relying on their technology, are now unable to leave their homes because of their incapacity, let alone getting into space, super powers like USA are ravishing each other’s goods in order to obtain a mask which is a piece of cloth. After all, is Capitalism not as Thorstein Veblen has mentioned “An advanced level of buccaneering”?

After having expressed how helpless the colonialist infidel countries are with the pandemic, especially the United States, I would like to mention the help that Erdoğan has sent to the United States. It is possible to evaluate this issue from two angles. That is to say:

Provided that this aid is an initiative of Erdoğan, setting aside the gain in terms of internal politics, this issue cannot be explained neither in terms of Islam nor humanism. This is a sin and a big crime.

Oh rulers! The USA that you are helping is a state that brutally kills millions of Muslims for its own benefit. It is the colonialist infidels who have shed blood all around the world and caused so much pain and tears. All other colonialist infidels and especially America are fed with the blood of the Muslims in order to maintain their occupation and exploitation in the Muslim countries. How is it possible to send aid to enemies of Islam who leave Muslims to death in Africa, Yemen on account of their dirty policies? There is nothing to explain about this issue, especially when there are people who need aid in your own country, as Prophet Mohammed ﷺ has said; «إِذَا لَمْ تَسْتَحْيِ فَاصْنَعْ مَا شِئْتَ» “And if you do not feel ashamed, then do whatever you like” (Bukhari).

However, if it is not the initiative of President Erdoğan but the result of America’s incapacity to ask for help to send aid to the United States then that is another crime. Are you supporting America who is on the verge of bankruptcy in order to make it survive? Despite the fact that Capitalism is dying, will you, the rulers of the Islamic countries, ignore this fact and continue to be crutches for this sick capitalist system?

Or will you, the rulers, continue to support the brain-dead capitalist system and its enforcers, the colonialist infidels, to ensure their survival. Nevertheless, the Ummah wants you to be the pioneer for the good/Khair not for the evil/Sharr.

There you have your choice. Will you say, “Capitalism has passed away and thumbs up for the new Capitalism!” or will you establish the Islamic system upon the graveyard of the dead Capitalism? It is up to you to be the pioneer/constructor of a new world order.


Abdullah İmamoğlu