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What is the Real Role of International Organizations Operating in Yemen?

The Houthis have recently launched a campaign against international organizations operating in Yemen, accusing them of carrying out intelligence and missionary work in Yemen, after the report by David Paisley, director of the World Food Program in Yemen, on Tuesday, 18 June 2019, who accused the Houthis of selling international aid provided to them by the food program in the market. What is the truth of the accusations made against the international organizations? And what kept the Houthis silent and not to disclose it over the past years, and to voice it now.

The work of international organizations with humanitarian and relief nature throughout the past years of war has been in the interest of the Houthis, as they have lifted from their shoulders the burden of providing food, medicines and other services that they need, where they took the aid and distributed it to their supporters exclusive of the people. The Food Program colluded in deals supplying food with impending expiration date, and the Houthis colluded by being silent, and hid them in stores far from sight until they expired. So, were the Houthis unaware of what the food program was doing? Or was the food program overlooking the nature of the Houthi actions?!

It was not until the end of the “honeymoon”, which lasted for many years, that the Houthis vilified the World Food Program. So, the Houthis recalled what they had already knew and concealed from the international organizations’ actions in favor for the Western colonial powers that sent them to Yemen.

The Western colonial powers used humanitarian work as a gateway to Yemen, when diplomatic channels could not remain and its outlets were closed.

The real role of the international organizations in Yemen in providing aid is to enter from the course of services that the society needs to study and obtain information, and then link those who facilitate their programs and future work of sheikhs, doctors, engineers, teachers, etc., to making a direct impact on people in society, and find organizations that extend from them from civil society organizations that will be sponsored, supported and maintained by colonial powers to become part of the political milieu and pave the way for them to take over the rule in Yemen in a next step.

The Houthis are not serious in their revolution against the international organizations operating in Yemen, who came to support them in the government, and did not affect their interests. The Houthis were silent on corrupting the morals of young men and women by the international organizations working in Yemen and calling them to embrace their foreign morals for abandoning the morals of Islam.

International organizations have invaded us in our country, with their evil deeds and the corruption of the thoughts they carries about the universe, man and life, instead of us going to them and offering them Islam under the second Khilafah Rashidah (rightly guided Caliphate) state on the method of the Prophethood, so that all humanity, and not just the Muslims, will be happy.


Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir in Wilayah Yemen

Thursday, 24th Shawwal 1440 AH

27/06/2019 CE

No: HTY- 1440 / 22