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What is needed for the Revolution of ash-Sham to win over the world? (Facts and Plans)

Revolution of ash-Sham is on the completion of eighth year; its objective has not realized, its victory has not yet declared, and it is still afraid of the world’s conspiracy against it.

The objectives of the revolution are no longer the subject of discussion and controversy. Rather its constants (parameters) are known by all, known by foe before friend. Overthrowing the criminal Regime with all its pillars and symbols, and establishing the rule of Allah (swt)- Khilafah (Caliphate) upon the method of the Prophethood as Promised by Allah and His Messenger. These are the objectives of Ummah’s revolution in ash-Sham.

Establishing the rule of Islam is certainly not possible before overthrowing the criminal regime. This is the first fact which the people of ash-Sham are aware of. Hence their lack of concern about how to establish Khilafah means only one thing for them i.e. focusing on the first step to cross to the second step.

However, the people of ash-Sham ripped their decree with their revolution and they left in confronting their enemy, challenging his power. They announced that they regained their authority and they are determined to overthrow the criminal regime and establish the rule of Islam. They were pleased with the factions leading the revolution and shouldering its decision. Because of their love to the factions and their strength to fight its elements, people of sham left them the rope against the West and so the factions monopolized the decree, overpowering it and then it began usurping the decree of people of sham.

Second Fact is that the leadership of the factions (who were entrusted to achieve the first step) has failed miserably in leading the revolution to overthrow the criminal regime. This failure was not due to the absence of strength amongst its factions. Because of their to the revolution, people of ash-Sham did not withhold anything to the factions and they presented their sons, their wealth, their role and decree to the factions. The people of ash-Sham did not care about destruction, displacement, poverty or homelessness. Rather they presented all they have for the revolution and they handed over it the leadership of the factions who misused the potential of the revolution, exploited the trust (Amanah), wasted the energies, and neglected the responsibilities and they neglected the trust they are entrusted with.

Third Fact is that the leadership of the factions never carried the project of Ummah; they were not concerned of the revolution and all their concern was just for their interests. So the composition of factions resemble to the great extent the composition of Arab regimes, which do not possess structure built on specific thoughts to make its decree towards achieving the goals for which it was found. The decree of faction is the decree of its leader and some of its close associates like the (agent) rulers. It is focused on the interests of the personal leaders and far away from the interests and objectives of the Ummah.

This facilitated the supporting states lobbying faction leaders to achieve their personal interests, to have control over their policies and create pressure over them such that the factions are on the course of their interests. The criminal Bashar was looking for an exit since the early days of revolution. However, America did not raise him as an agent just to escape by himself, rather to achieve its interests.

The leadership of the factions have immersed in the quagmire of support, funding and traps. So they no longer become the deciding people, rather they undertake what they are asked to do. And what they are asked is to agree with the international conferences of Geneva, Astana and Sochi. Leaderships of the factions have betrayed the revolution of ash-Sham and they surrendered its people to the trickery of the states bargaining over them.

Fourth Fact is that the people of ash-Sham were cautious to see their revolution in confronting the world powers; they were not ready for such confrontation. However, the reality is that the revolution of ash-Sham, to the whole eight year, was in absolute confrontation with global nations such as America, Russia and United Nation, its neighbor nations, Gulf States, Iran and even Turkey, a wolf pretending to be sheep in its clothing.

Fifth Fact is that the people of ash-Sham were firm, patient and steadfast on their revolution. They were always rearing the revolution (like rearing a child) and they were not replacing it with the other. However, the leaderships of factions were the ones who exploited the decree of revolution. If they feared Allah to the least, and if they felt their responsibilities, they should stop exploiting the decree of revolution and step aside or they should prepare themselves to fight as it is their work; they were found (formed) for this and this is what people of ash-Sham shoulder them with.

Sixth fact is that despite the revolution is a burden to the Ummah, it sees revolution as the only way to be free from the oppressive regimes. Since the Ummah believes in its Lord and takes Islam as its Deen, it is ready to sacrifice in its way without limit. It is pleased with that and is nearing to Allah (swt) through that. However, the criminal regimes control its security grip upon the main forces of the countries i.e. the army. Therefore the Ummah felt its inability to destroy the ruling regimes. So when it entered into the path of revolution, it marched forth strongly and gushingly so it restored its stolen decree and it did not care much the extent of sacrifices. These are the sacrifices of Ummah.

Seventh fact is that the global nations were frightened when they witnessed the Ummah seizing its decree to revolt. So they (global nations) began to support the leaderships of the factions such that they were able to exploit revolution people’s decree and to turn the decree of Ummah stolen again. Hence it is now the factions freely roaming deciding the (fate of) people of ash-Sham how they wish. Hence they began infighting, spilling sacred bloods, surrendering the regions and they are now striving to surrender the routes. And what is hidden is worse.

Eighth fact is that even if the revolution recedes in to liberated form, there will be millions of Muslims in liberated form. They are the ones who hatch (brood) the revolution and they will not be content without the fall of criminal regime and the establishment of Khilafah. They are accustomed to wars, practiced to displacements, incurring the atmosphere of cold and hot, accustomed to the hardship of life, pleased with little, adapted to the difficult conditions of refugee camps. Yet they neither replaced it nor changed. Most of them are men and youngsters to the point that great nations desire to have such a demographic structure. Yes the revolution today still has all the potential to be victorious against its enemies. It still has the will to reach its objectives; however, what is needed for the revolution to be victorious?

We present here the following points for the revolution to be victorious:

  • Sincere true Mujahideen must structure themselves upon the constants of revolution; this should happen in every country and every region.
  • Sincere commanders must structure themselves to form a military leadership leading the structured Mujahideens.
  • Revolutionary and influential leaders should structure themselves upon the constants of Revolution in each country and then they meet in their regions to become popular leadership that leads the gathering (hatcher).
  • Revolutionary leaders should go to their hatching place to form structure amongst themselves upon the constants of revolution and they lead it to nurture the structure of sincere Mujahideen.
  • If these structuring in the hatching of revolution is obtained, it will have the required structure in Ummah.
  • The structured leaders must seek Hizb ut Tahrir to guide them on how to proceed with their people to achieve their objectives i.e. overthrowing the regime and establishing Islam. This means they should take Hizb ut Tahrir as their political leadership for the revolution, pursuing the Khilafah project with their vision and wisdom to steer away from the pitfalls of the nations and their collaborators.

These are the facts of ash-Sham Revolution; they are capable to be victorious if they structure themselves upon the constants of revolution, marching with the blessing of their Lord, believing in Him, and responding to His commands. So victory is from Allah (swt) and it is the promise of Allah as He (swt) says, إِنَّا لَنَنصُرُ رُسُلَنَا وَالَّذِينَ آمَنُوا فِي الْحَيَاةِ الدُّنْيَا وَيَوْمَ يَقُومُ الأَشْهَادُ “Indeed, We will give victory to Our messengers and to those who believe during the life of this world and on the Day when the witnesses will stand” [Ghafir-51]


Ustadh Ahmed Abdul Wahab

Head of the Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir in Wilayah Syria

Written for Ar-Rayah Newspaper – Issue 221