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We are lagging behind Islam

The head of the Hungarian Ministry of Defense, Ishtvan Simichko, said that a new military base began to operate on the southern border, aimed at preventing the penetration of migrants.

The Ministry explains that it does not want a repetition of the sad practice of 2015, when “hundreds of thousands of migrants illegally crossed the country”.

The base is located in Hercegsanto about 220 km south of Budapest, it will house approximately 150 military personnel.

In addition, at the moment the Hungarian authorities are engaged in erecting a fence on the border with Serbia, the second line of which should be completed by the summer. (Source: rosbalt)


Hungary is not the only state that harbors hostility towards migrants. This country is only an indicator of the attitude towards refugees. All states of the West in general and of Europe in particular treat to the migrants from the so-called “unfavorable countries” is not otherwise than as a problem. Each country offers its own solution – from an almost complete ban on entry, like Hungary, Greece, the US and Russia, to assimilation attempts, like Germany. But in general, the essence of the matter does not change: migrants are presented as strangers, from which you need to get rid.

Apparently the Europeans forgot how in their difficult times, the inhabitants of today’s problem regions were saving Europeans. And it was just recently. Two World Wars, generated by the European politicians, have made a huge number of people refugees. And they fled not only to the US and Latin America. Many of them found the shelter in Muslim countries, including modern Syria. None of the Muslims treated them as a problem.

There was a similar situation in Russia. During the revolution of 1917, many people found salvation from the massacre of the Bolsheviks in Muslim countries. During the World War II a large number of immigrants from the European part of the USSR were taken to Kazakhstan and Central Asia. There they were warmly welcomed and shared everything down to the last piece of bread. Recollect, as now in Russia they treat labor migrants from Central Asia …

After the World War II, Western countries began to receive migrants from other countries and help them. But it was not connected with charity, as many believe, but with the attraction of cheap labor. Very few people know, but in reality migrants are not freeloaders. In many ways, it is thanks to their cheap workforce that the big business of the countries of Europe and Russia was able to get larger.

Speaking of the US, it is a country of migrants. It was the migrants who made it the superpower that it is now. Let me remind you: the indigenous population of the United States is the Indians.

It is important to understand here that all these reminders are not made in order to reproach the inhabitants of Europe, Russia or America. These reminders are necessary for the Muslims themselves to stop illusions about the countries of the West and the myth of human rights that they invented.

Both in Russia and in the West, the migrants seeking their rights often hear such statements: “Do not exercise your rights here. Go to your country and there put things in order”. One likes it or not, but in one thing the western nationalists are right: you need to put things in order in your countries to stop such a situation.

And first you just need to remember what gave the strength to our ancestors?! This power was our religion – Islam. While we were holding onto it, we were invincible. The problems began when we disunited, contrary to the demands of Islam. And also, when the disbelievers and their ideologies were made a model for imitation, and their contentment is the criterion of evaluation. As one clever man said: “We are not behind the West. We are lagging behind Islam”.


Vitaliy Ryadinskiy

Member of the Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir in Ukraine