Views on the News – 6 March 2019


  • US Slaps Pakistan in the Face
  • Using Citizenship as a Weapon
  • The Battle for Eurasia

US Slaps Pakistan in the Face

The US is examining reports that Pakistan used US-built F-16 fighter jets in recent clashes with India. The US Embassy in Islamabad said it was looking into reports that Pakistan used F-16 jets to shoot down the Indian pilot, a potential violation of Washington’s military sale agreements that limit how Pakistan can use the planes. “We are aware of these reports and are seeking more information,” a US Embassy spokesperson said. “We take all allegations of misuse of defence articles very seriously.” Pakistan has a long history of buying US military hardware, especially when it joined America’s war on terror from 2001. Pakistan bought several batches of F-16 planes, built by Lockheed Martin Corp. The US has no problem F-16s being used in the tribal areas against innocent civilians as this is what the US wants the Pakistan army to execute. But fighting against India is not in US interests and without any shame and after two decades of Pakistan executing the US agenda it slaps Pakistan’s in the face.


Using Citizenship as a Weapon

Whilst the battle for Syria continues, another battle has long been taking place outside Syria.

British aid workers in Syria have been stripped of their citizenship for taking part in welfare work in Syria. In an interview with Middle East Eye, Tauqir Sharif highlighted how the government’s use of its own powers have created a “racist” system in which some people are considered “sub-British”.

Tauqir Sharif is one of several British nationals based in the Syrian opposition-held enclave of Idlib whose cases were reported on exclusively by Middle East Eye in December 2017. None of those targeted by citizenship revocation orders could be named until now because they are granted anonymity while their legal appeals are ongoing. But lawyers for Sharif last week obtained a court order lifting his anonymity in order to allow him to speak openly about his case. Making citizens stateless is the other aspect of the Syria battle. If you travel to support the Kurdish groups you were not made stateless, neither has Asma Assad, who is a full British citizens been made stateless.


The Battle for Eurasia

Russia will deploy a new regiment of S-400 surface-to-air missiles to its exclave of Kaliningrad. Russia’s armed forces will train roughly 100 Chinese soldiers in the use of the S-400 system from March to June 2019. The S-400 missile defence system is considered one of the best in the world, with long range capabilities. Russia has been in a prolonged standoff with the West and seen NATO build up around Russia since the Ukraine conflict began back in 2014. Russia is trying to show it has cards to play with as it increases security coordination with non-Western partners, including China. With the Intermediate Range Missile Treaty now dissolved, Russia has made the first move in this new battle over Eurasia.