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Views on the News – 5 June 2009

Jim Rogers: Dollar headed for a major crisis

A currency crisis is imminent, so investors should avoid shorting the market, said Jim Rogers, veteran investor and chairman of Rogers Holdings. “I’m afraid they’re printing so much money that stocks could go to 20,000 or 30,000,” Rogers said. “Of course it would be in worthless money, but it could happen and you could lose a lot of money being short.” Rogers called the US dollar a “terribly flawed currency,” adding that it could be the starting point for the next currency crisis. “I would suspect that somewhere along the line…someone’s going to say, ‘I’m going to start selling mine before everybody else does,'” Rogers said. “That’s when you have a currency crisis.”

Israel determined to scupper Obama’s overtures of peace to Iran

For the first time since 1980, the US has authorised its embassies around the world to invite Iranian diplomats to Independence Day receptions. The move is part of a new policy of engagement with Iran under President Barack Obama’s administration. However, Israel is determined to put a stop to Obama’s peace overtures. Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak said in Washington on Wednesday that Israel will keep all options against Iran’s any potential threats or attacks. Speaking to reporters after talks with U.S. officials, Barak said: “I repeat what I have always said, we are not taking any options off the table.”

Egypt welcomes Obama by closing Sultan Masjid for prayer

Al Arabiyya reported that Muslims could no longer pray at Sultan Hassan masjid after security forces cordoned off the masjid in preparation for U.S. President Barack Obama’s trip to Cairo Thursday sparked outrage from the opposition Muslim Brotherhood even as the masjid denied them. The masjid, a historical masjids that dates back to 1348 A.D., is reportedly on Obama’s itinerary for his Cairo trip, which will commence in the early afternoon this coming Thursday, following the president’s speech at Cairo University and his visit to the American embassy. “This (restricting faithful from praying at masjid) is impermissible in Shariah,” brotherhood member, Muhsen Radi, told Al Arabiya. “Egypt’s security service has cordoned the whole area around the masjid and has told businesses nearby to close on Wednesday and Thursday.”

Baghdad: US embassy promotes homosexuality

Last month The U.S. Embassy in Baghdad held its first ever gay part. The invitation described the event as “the first-ever U.S. Embassy Gay Pride Theme Party”. The event was organized and sponsored by a group of employees. Given the lack of places to meet in Baghdad, the embassy allows groups to use its social facilities for events on a first-come, first-served basis. The invitation said, “Prizes will be awarded for two contests: Best Dressed Gay Icon and Best Lip Synch Performance.”

After having brutality terrorised the Muslims of Iraq through mass killings, rape and torture, the US is now rewarding the country with the promotion of homosexuality. America is determined to strip the Muslims of Iraq of their Islamic identity and replace it with its decrepit values.

Obama’s speech- Another endorsement of America’s war against Islam

By his own admission, Obama said, “No single speech can eradicate years of mistrust.” And by Obama’s own actions his policy towards the Muslim world is no different than the course charted by his predecessor-President Bush. Obama has not lifted a single finger to protect the rights of the Palestinians from the aggressions of the Zionists. Obama continues to wage war in Iraq and Afghanistan. More recently he has expanded America’s war into Pakistan and is looking to invade Somalia and Sudan. His support of tyrants like Mubarak and King Abdullah belittles the very values he espouses for the Muslim world. Despite all of this, he still has the audacity to think that by speaking about his dubious Muslim past he can win over the hearts and minds of millions of Muslims world-wide. Obama represents nothing more than the arrogance of receding super power that is desperately trying to placate the Muslim world in order to ensure that its precious material interests are not undermined.

Pakistan is the most dangerous country in the world

Speaking on ABC radio PM programme, Lieutenant Colonel Kilcullen, a former theorist of asymmetrical warfare in the Australian Army and a senior advisor US General Petraeus , said that while the international focus has shifted from Iraq to Afghanistan, Pakistan is central to security concerns within in the region. “I think it’s not an exaggeration to say that Pakistan is the most dangerous country in the world today,” he said. “In certainly in terms of counter-terrorism and counter-insurgency problems, it is the problem that most worries me and I think that should most worry Western policy makers. Pakistan is a very developed country, there’s a Pakistani Diaspora across most other countries in Europe and North and South America and it has more than 100 nuclear weapons,” he said.

“The government is progressively losing control of its own population and territory. And you’ve got Al Qaeda sitting right in the middle of the country so it’s a very, very significant problem.”

The counter-insurgency expert says the problems in Pakistan are compounded by a lack of direct access and diverging priorities within the Pakistani security agencies. “We don’t have a lot of ability to influence the situation in Pakistan and frankly there are elements in the Pakistani military and intelligence services who are on the other side,” he said. “I think that the ISI [Inter-Services Intelligence] has a history of using militant extremist organisations as an unconventional counterweight to Indian regional influence and most members of the Pakistani national security establishment tend to regard the real threat to Pakistan as India, not extremist militancy.”