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Views on the News – 4 Oct 2017


  • Palestinian Clown Act
  • Saudi Reform, the Western way
  • Another Terror Attack in US

Palestinian Clown Act

Palestinian Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah has chaired a unity cabinet meeting in Gaza as part of national reconciliation efforts between his Fatah party and Hamas. “We are here to turn the page on division, restore the national project to its correct direction and establish the (Palestinian) state,” said Hamdallah, in his opening remarks on Tuesday. An Egyptian security delegation is monitoring the talks, which isn’t surprising as the direction of these talks should only pave the way for a two-state solution and the acceptance of Israel as a state, which is the American plan for the region. It was the first meeting of the cabinet in Gaza since November 2014, although Hamdallah visited a year later without his ministers. Upon his arrival in the Gaza Strip on Monday, Hamdallah announced that several committees have been established to handle issues such as border crossings and Palestinian Authority (PA) employees in the Strip.  The occupation itself, the real issue, was completely avoided.


Saudi Reform, the Western way

A Saudi royal decree has granted the kingdom’s women the legal right to obtain driver’s licenses as of June 2018. The shift is just the latest in the country’s social landscape, alongside allowances for women to enter sports stadiums and the appointment of the first female spokesperson to the Saudi Embassy in Washington. At the same time, Riyadh is pushing forward with drastic economic reform efforts, evidenced by a massive bond sale last week and possible addition to the Financial Times Stock Exchange’s emerging markets list. The Saudi monarchy is finally openly showing its true colours. After running the country for decades, they have run it into the ground and are now trying to salvage what they can to maintain there rule.


Another Terror Attack in US

The most deadline shooting in recent US history took place on October 1st, 64-year-old Stephen Paddock opened fire on a Las Vegas Strip, where the Route 91 Harvest Music festival was taking place at the Las Vegas Village near the iconic Mandalay Bay Casino. 57 people are confirmed dead and 527 people were injured. Mass shootings in the United States are commonly perpetrated by a single individual, but the media treats this very differently to terrorist attacks. The western media has used terms such as “lone wolf”, a “granddad”, a “gambler”, and a “former accountant”, but not a terrorist. Pierce Morgan in his daily mail article pointed out: If a Muslim terrorist had committed this Vegas atrocity we’d have a slew of new laws in a heartbeat. But because it’s an old white guy with guns NOTHING will happen.” Once again we see the hypocrisy by the western governments when non-Muslims commit terrorist attacks.