Views on the News – 4 April 2020


  • Western Governments Struggle with Exit Plan for Lockdown
  • America Reaffirms its Control over Iraq despite Recent Withdrawals from Iraqi Bases
  • Saudi MBS Again Ready to Serve America Now by Cutting Production

Western Governments Struggle with Exit Plan for Lockdown

Having been panicked into placing their societies on lockdown, and with collapsing economies, Western governments are now struggling with the question of how to return society to public life. According to the Guardian:

No 10 is facing fresh questions over its coronavirus testing plan, as it emerged that the government is hoping to exit the lockdown through controversial “immunity passports” and antibody tests that are still not proven to work.

In the face of intense criticism, the health secretary, Matt Hancock, on Thursday admitted for the first time that mistakes had been made. “There will be criticisms made, and some of them will be justified,” he told the daily press briefing.

Hancock revealed that certificates to prove someone is immune to the virus could allow some of the population to go back to work, as he made a new pledge to complete 100,000 tests a day in England by the end of the month.

Meanwhile, while individual states within America have declared a lockdown, US President Trump is opposing calling for this nationally. According to The Hill:

President Trump is holding back on declaring a nationwide stay-at-home order, even as some governors resist imposing restrictions that Trump’s top public health officials say are needed to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

The president has been reluctant to wade into matters he argues are better left to governors. But the pressure is growing for Trump to be decisive as Republican-led states like Texas, Iowa and Missouri are among the final holdouts to issue stay-at-home directives.

In fact, the Western lockdown policy is nonsensical. They have not imposed geographical isolation, such as cordoning the New York area, instead calling for individual lockdowns and social distancing. It is those who are unwell that need to be separated, while those who remain healthy need to work twice as hard to sustain public life and the essential social and economic activity needed to support society as a whole. Quarantines are only for those traveling from other areas and not for everyone already living within an area where infection may be spreading. Without robust social activity, governmental health systems will only be even further overburdened that they already have been; those who are unwell must primarily be supported by their own families. Muslim governments have simply followed the Western lead, assuming Western policy to be grounded scientifically but forgetting that the Islamic ahkaam (rulings) and the historical practice of Muslims in plagues forms a far more sound basis for public policy even today.


America Reaffirms its Control over Iraq despite Recent Withdrawals from Iraqi Bases

According to FoxNews:

The U.S. military said Thursday that air defense systems are “moving” into Iraq following attacks on American and coalition forces in recent weeks.

The weapons include Patriot surface-to-air missiles and a variant of the Navy’s SeaRAM and CIWS, or close-in weapon system, which fires 3,000 rounds a minute, a defense official with knowledge of the order told Fox News.

For operational security, the U.S. military is not disclosing what bases are being reinforced.

Two Americans and a British Army medic were killed in a rocket attack outside Baghdad last month, leading to U.S. airstrikes that destroyed five weapons depots used by the Iranian-backed militia blamed for the attack.

Hostilities have escalated in the region between Iran and the United States following a rocket attack in late December 2019 that killed an American contractor in northern Iraq. Following American airstrikes days later on bases in western Iraq and eastern Syria, an angry mob attempted to storm the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad on New Year’s Eve.

President Trump ordered the assassination of Iran’s most powerful general, Qassem Soleimani, in a drone strike in Baghdad days later. Iran countered by launching more than a dozen ballistic missiles from Iran again bases in Iraq housing American troops.

Once America enters a country, it never leaves. America came to Iraq not simply to overthrow Saddam Hussain but to create a permanent strategic presence to advance its position and consolidate its control of what it views as a global chessboard. American military withdrawals from bases in Iraq or Afghanistan are only because it wishes to handover domestic security duties to the local US-installed regimes, and not because it wants to completely withdraw from the country. America still maintains bases in Germany and Japan, countries that it defeated in World War II 75 years ago, and America is estimated to have almost 1000 military bases at this time spanning the entire world. The world will not be rid of the exploitation of the disbelieving American imperialist until the Muslim Ummah re-establish their Islamic Khilafah (Caliphate) State on the method of the Prophet ﷺ, a state that unify all Muslim lands, implement Islam, carry the message of Islam to the world, and safeguard the interests of all humankind, returning justice and harmony to the international world order.


Saudi MBS Again Ready to Serve America Now by Cutting Production

Having earlier crashed the oil price in a supply war with Russia, MBS is now ready to cut production to raise the price on Trump’s insistence. According to The Washington Post:

The price of oil jumped Thursday after President Trump said he expects Saudi Arabia and Russia to call off their price war, though the steep collapse in global demand for oil shows no sign of abating.

Trump talked with President Vladimir Putin of Russia on Monday, and said he had also spoken with Mohammed bin Salman, the crown prince of Saudi Arabia, about the need for stabilizing the price of oil, which has fallen about 60 percent in the past month. On Thursday prices were up more than 20 percent.

The Saudi regime is fully subjugated to American control without the least element of independent thinking. It was Trump that earlier commanded MBS to crash the international oil price in order to benefit the American consumer. Trump is desperate for a strong domestic US economy, particularly in this election year, as it is well known that incumbent presidents win when the economy is strong and lose when it is weak, whatever other accomplishments they are able to claim. However, because of the Coronavirus, the oil price has dropped far more than expected and this has led to pressure from the American oil and gas industry for prices to be raised. Hence Trump’s reversal in reaching out again to the Saudi regime. With Allah’s permission, the Muslim Ummah shall soon rise and rid itself of this agent class of rulers who live just to please their Western masters without any concern for the well-being of their own people.