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Views on the News – 24 June 2020


  • Thirsty Sheikhs
  • Are Trump’s Presidential Days Numbered?
  • UAE to Launch into Space

Thirsty Sheikhs

Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE, recently had the water tanks at his 18th-century UK Berkshire mansion filled with Evian mineral water shipped especially from France, court documents show. Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed al-Nahyan, the Emir of oil-rich Abu Dhabi, imported the famous drop as part of major renovations at Ascot Place, a grade II listed property valued at £60 million. The layout came despite the fact the 71-year-old – who is president of the UAE– only ever visits the pile for occasional day trips. The revelation was among evidence of a legal battle at London’s High Court over fraud by his property management company. Many of the Muslim monarchs were put into power by the departing colonialists and they waste the Ummah’s wealth, whilst the Ummah struggles to survive.


Are Trump’s Presidential Days Numbered?

Everything was going so well for Donald Trump, with elections scheduled for November 2020 the economy was doing well, US troops were on the whole back home, the various trade deals were all complete and the US has departed from various global treaties. But then the COVID-19 pandemic hit and then 42 million Americans lost their jobs in two months, everything is no longer rosy for a Trump second term, especially Trump handling of the pandemic.  Things got even worse this week and not just because Trump is trailing behind Democratic hopeful Joe Biden. Trump is used to large crowds at his rally’s even when Trump makes up the numbers, but this week shows his days are numbered. President Trump’s campaign promised huge crowds at his rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma on Sat, June 20th, but it failed to deliver. Hundreds of teenage TikTok users and K-pop fans admitted they were responsible as they inflated the attendance numbers in order to embarrass the president. Brad Parscale, the chairman of Mr. Trump’s re-election campaign, posted on Twitter on Monday that the campaign had fielded more than a million ticket requests, but reporters at the event noted the attendance was lower than expected. The campaign also cancelled planned events outside the rally for an anticipated overflowing crowd that did not materialize. It all seems Trump’s failure to deal with the COVID pandemic and fighting worlds have finally matched reality, which is a reality star pretending he could be president.


UAE to Launch into Space

In a briefing on Monday, 22 June, the UAE’s science lead Sarah Al-Amiri said the first Arab space mission to Mars is preparing to lift off within weeks. Fuelling is due to begin next week. There are currently eight active Mars Missions but Hope Probe is the first interplanetary exploration undertaken by an Arab nation and it will join the global effort to learn more about Mars in time for the UAE’s golden jubilee celebrations. Hope Probe is part of the UAE’s grand plan to build a settlement on Mars by 2117. “The probe will aim to take a variety of measurements to explore different theories. It will also help study the link between dust storms and the loss of hydrogen and oxygen, which are the building blocks of water, from the Martian atmosphere, Al Amiri further explained. Rather then flowing the footsteps of the West whose space programmes have commercial and engineering goals, the UAE on the other hand rather then focusing on problems on the planet, such as poverty, devleopment, racism or the climate has chosen to waste money on projects which will have little impact closer to home. An ideological nation would have its priorities in line before embarking on wild projects out of this world.