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Views on the News 19/05/2021


• Muslims Rulers Should Arm the Palestinians
• Population Problems

Muslims Rulers Should Arm the Palestinians

After it was revealed that US president approved a $735 million arms sale to the Zionist entity amid the bombing of Gaza, some House Democrats raised concerns about the potential deal. Rep. Gregory Meeks (D-NY), who heads the House Foreign Affairs Committee, told lawmakers that he would send a letter to President Biden requesting the ‘Israeli’ arms deal be delayed. But he quickly backed down on the plan and told reporters that he only wants to have a “conversation” about the weapons sale. “What we wanted to do is to have a dialogue and conversation,” Meeks said. “We’re going to have a meeting with the administration tomorrow where the issues and the questions that one may have will be able to be asked, and that was the purpose of considering the letter.” The US has given the Zionist entity a blank cheque in dealing with the Muslims, it looks the other way when Muslims are slaughtered. Its attitude would change drastically of the Muslims rulers armed the Muslims in Palestine. In fact this would be the worst nightmare for the Zionists and the US.

Population Problems

This week two of the world’s key nations have had to face an unsettling reality – census results in the US and in China indicate that both countries are likely to start shrinking in population much sooner than they thought. That’s because fertility rates are falling fast. As that happens, the population gets older, which can stand in the way of the economy and it’s something governments are usually keen to avoid. The US has seen the slowest growth in its population as a result of declining birthrate, declining life expectancy and declining immigration. Put that together and you have a population that is still growing, but much more slowly than in the past, and a country that is increasingly old. Census data from the US indicates there are now more Americans 80 years or older than those 2 years or under. China’s One Child policy has also created a population imbalance with pensioners now not being placed by new workers. After being told for decades that there were too many people in the world the reality is the rate of population growth is falling and will take the rets of the century to begin declining. But much of the western world such as Germany, Russia and even Japan are already experiencing population decline.