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Views on the News – 15 Aug 2020


  • After UAE, Kushner says Saudi Recognition of Illegal Jewish Crusader Entity Inevitable
  • Lebanese Ex-Minister Blames Illegal Jewish Crusader Entity for Attack on Beirut
  • France Finds Opportunity for Military Presence in Greek-Turkish Conflict

After UAE, Kushner says Saudi Recognition of Illegal Jewish Crusader Entity Inevitable

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US President Donald Trump’s son-in-law and senior adviser, Jared Kushner, said he fully expects Saudi Arabia to normalise relations with Israel, despite the kingdom’s silence after the UAE’s decision to do so.

The United Arab Emirates announced on Thursday that it would establish full diplomatic ties with Israel, which had promised to pause its planned annexation of large parts of the occupied West Bank.

The move was widely celebrated within the White House as a foreign policy win for the Trump administration.

Saudi Arabia, one of the UAE’s closest allies, has refrained from commenting on the neighboring country’s move. Still, Kushner told CNBC in an interview on Friday that it was inevitable that the kingdom would follow suit in normalising relations with Israel.

“I do think that we have other countries that are very interested in moving forward,” Kushner said. 

“And then, as that progresses, I do think it is an inevitability that Saudi Arabia and Israel will have fully normalised relations and they will be able to do a lot of great things together,” he continued.

When pressed on Saudi Arabia’s silence following the announcement of the deal, Kushner implied that the kingdom would take time to come around.

“We just had the first peace agreement in 26 years and now you’re saying: ‘Well, we want to get somebody else on board right away’,” he said, referring to the 1994 diplomatic pact between Jordan and Israel.

“Saudi Arabia has obviously been a great leader in… (modernisation), but you can’t turn a battleship around overnight,” he said.

The present illegal Jewish entity is simply a repeat of the previous Western attempt to implant a crusader state in the heart of Muslim land. The recognition by the UAE of this illegal Jewish Crusader entity is not an isolated event. Egypt did the same in 1977 and Jordan in 1994. And every other Muslim regime is eager to do the same because every one of them is controlled by agents to Western countries who are desperate to demonstrate their loyalty to their Western masters. The only obstacle in their path is their fear, not of Allah, but of the anger of the Muslims.


Lebanese Ex-Minister Blames Illegal Jewish Crusader Entity for Attack on Beirut

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Israel was “clearly” responsible for the explosion that shattered Beirut on August 4, killing more than 170 people, wounding thousands and destroying swaths of the city, Lebanese former interior minister Nohad Machnouk told a press conference Wednesday.

“This operation in Beirut was carried out by Israel in a clear and explicit manner,” Machnouk said, adding: “It is clear we are looking at a crime against humanity, and therefore no one dares to claim responsibility for it.”

Israel denied responsibility almost immediately after the blasts, via unnamed officials.

Machnouk, who was appointed interior minister in 2014 and again in 2016, is the first senior Lebanese politician to point the finger at Israel. He belongs to the Future Movement, which opposes Hezbollah.

Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah and his ally Lebanese President Michel Aoun have raised the possibility of “sabotage” but notably have not named Israel as a suspect, despite weeks of spiking confrontations along the border and in Syria, and a recent spate of mysterious explosions in Iran.

If Israel were to be determined responsible, Lebanese sources say, it would necessitate an equivalent reply from Hezbollah, which would prompt a devastating war not in the interest of the party or its allies.

Blaming an Israeli attack would also provoke further investigations into what exactly was being targeted, and raise questions for all Lebanese factions, including Machnouk’s, as to how they allowed the port to be militarized…

A US military explosives expert who has worked closely with the Lebanese army told Asia Times on condition of anonymity that according to his contacts among the Lebanese armed forces, the explosion was an “act of sabotage” against the hangar in question, which was allegedly holding not only ammonium nitrate, but short-range missiles.

Machnouk on Wednesday alleged that missile remnants had been discovered in the rubble of the blast, and accused judicial authorities overseeing the investigation of keeping this alleged finding under wraps.

A growing body of evidence is emerging that it was the illegal Jewish Crusader entity that was responsible for the 4 August attack on Beirut. The purpose would be to diminish the threat from Hezbollah which had waged war on the illegal entity in 2006. Hezbollah, however, has no intention of going to war with the illegal entity, and so its leader Hassan Nasrallah has not until now even managed to condemn the illegal entity for the attack. And although the attack would have been carried out without American permission, resulting in US President Trump expressing surprise and openly characterising it as an attack, the Americans also have not officially blamed the illegal entity. This is because they don’t want further escalation and because Hezbollah is a key Iranian proxy and the Americans want to reduce Iranian strength in the region after services rendered by Iran in Syria are at an end.


France Finds Opportunity for Military Presence in Greek-Turkish Conflict

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France is deploying two Rafale fighter jets and a naval frigate in the eastern Mediterranean because of tensions between Greece and Turkey.

French President Emmanuel Macron has urged Turkey to halt oil and gas exploration in disputed waters in the area. A Turkish survey ship began such a mission on Monday, angering Greece.

Mr Macron told Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis that the French military would monitor the situation.

The area is rich in untapped energy.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said the only solution in the Mediterranean was dialogue and that his country was not chasing adventure.

“If we act with common sense and reason, we can find a win-win solution that meets everyone’s interests,” he said.

There are also tensions around Cyprus over rival exploration rights. The Republic of Cyprus and Greece do not accept any such rights for Turkish-controlled northern Cyprus in the region.

France is also at odds with Turkey over the crisis in Libya. Turkey has sent military support to the UN-recognised government in Tripoli, while France, Russia, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates support the forces of Gen Khalifa Haftar. Russia and the UAE are Gen Haftar’s main arms suppliers.

The countries of the Muslim world increasingly falling under the control of America has resulted in the further exclusion of the European powers from their former colonies. Turkish President Erdogan has become an important agent of American regional interests in Syria, Libya and elsewhere. France is trying to find opportunities to reengage itself in Lebanon, Libya and the eastern Mediterranean.

The Western Capitalist states remain in continued rivalry and competition with each other. Sincere, aware political leadership in the Muslim world would take advantage of this rivalry to strengthen the Muslim Ummah, instead of falling prey to one or other of the disbelieving imperialist powers.

With Allah’s permission, there shall soon arise sincere and aware leadership within the Muslim Ummah, which shall re-establish the Islamic Khilafah (Caliphate) State on the method of the Prophet ﷺ, implementing Islam, unifying Muslim lands, liberating occupied territories and evicting the foreign disbeliever and his ugly influence from all Islamic territories.