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Views on the News 12/05/2021


  • US Suffers from Ransomware Attack
  • Zionists Bite More Then They Can Chew

US Suffers from Ransomware Attack

The Colonial Pipeline Co. was forced to shut down its pipeline system — the largest petroleum products pipeline servicing the eastern US — on 7 May after its systems suffered a cyber-attack. In response to the shutdown, the Department of Transportation declared an emergency in 17 states and the District of Columbia. The Eastern European criminal group DarkSide claimed it carried out the ransomware attack. Reports indicate that hackers stole around 100 GB in two hours and locked computers, encrypted files and demanded payment. DarkSide then threatened to publicly release the stolen data if it was not paid. It is publicly unknown whether the Colonial Pipeline Co. paid the ransom. The cyberattack is the most significant publicly known cyberattack on the US, and exposes the vulnerability of US infrastructure and US companies to ransomware attacks. Despite the US creating an image of superior defence capabilities and tech superiority around the world, this was a significant attack at home and shows the US is vulnerable despite its grandiose claims.

Zionists Bite More Then They Can Chew

The Zionist entity has ordered the mobilisation of thousands of troops to be sent towards Gaza after at least 26 Palestinians were killed during its bombing of the besieged enclave. The ‘Israeli’ army said Defence Minister Benny Gantz had called in 5,000 troop reinforcements to “deepen home front defence”. Israeli television news showed ‘Israeli’ tanks massing near the fence with Gaza, as part of an operation Israel has called “Guardian of the Walls” this recent increase in activity has been due to the protests in Sheikh Jarrah in East Jerusalem due to the forced eviction and recent number of cases where settlers expelled people from their homes. Despite the dire legal situation, many residents from Sheikh Jarrah drew optimism from the solid public showing of Palestinian supporters over the past weeks in East Jerusalem. The nightly protests against the settlers’ saw the Jewish entity’s forces carry out a siege of Al Aqsa and things escalated from there as it was Ramadan and the last 10 days of the holy month. The shock from Muslims across the world of the first Qibla being under siege has seen the call for a Muslim military intervention grow. It would seem Zionist actions have directly led to the opposite of what they were trying to achieve.