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View on the News 29/09/2021

Army to be Deployed to Deal with Fuel Shortage
US Generals Testify about Afghanistan

Army to be Deployed to Deal with Fuel shortage

Defence officials have confirmed British troops will begin driving fuel tankers to filling stations soon as panic buying continued across the UK with some forecourts running out of supplies. For over a week now boorish citizens have been panic buying petrol as deliveries are struggling to get to petrol stations due to a shortage of haulage drivers who due to Brexit cannot work in the UK. Whist British officials spoke about a global Britain once they left the EU, the reality is now hitting home.

US Generals Testify about Afghanistan

United States Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman General Mark Milley, appearing before Congress on Tuesday, 28 September, acknowledged a series of failures that led to the chaotic withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan. “It is clear and obvious that the war in Afghanistan did not end on the terms we wanted with the Taliban now in power in Kabul,” General Milley told the Senate Armed Services Committee, warning that Afghanistan today appears headed towards civil war. The comments of top US military officials, along with General Frank McKenzie, the head of Central Command who oversaw the withdrawal were the most extensive public comments from Pentagon leaders since the August 30 withdrawal. Under Trump the peace process was forged and agreed and the Biden administration has now implemented it. Despite all the drama the US was working on reorientation in Afghanistan for over a decade.