VIDEO: Ramadhan The Month of the Unity

One of the strong indications that the Muslims are one Ummah is the existence of Ramadan, a month full of blessings. In this noble month, we can see the Muslim ummah striving in carrying out acts of worship and congregational prayer in mosques and musollas. Reading the Qur’an to win the pleasure of Allah.This proves that the Muslim ummah can unite and are able to be united under one faith (taqwa).

The tragic problems that happen to the body of this ummah are not naturally occurring. Muslims ummah are one ummah but political factors i.e. the existence of nationalism since the early 20th century amongst the ummah has been a prime cause of the Muslims disunity in the form of nation states with their nationalism.

What is the impact and how is it resolved? See the reminder in this video.