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US President Trump Pardons War Criminals during his Lame-Duck Period

In an audacious pre-Christmas round of pardons, President Trump granted clemency on Tuesday to two people who pleaded guilty in the special counsel’s Russia inquiry, four Blackwater guards convicted in connection with the killing of Iraqi civilians and three corrupt former Republican members of Congress. (NY Times, December 24, 2020)

Iraqis are devastated after President Trump pardoned four Blackwater contractors convicted of killing civilians in Baghdad in 2007. (TRT World, December 24, 2020)


The massacre carried out by Blackwater mercenaries left at least 14 Iraqi civilians dead and 17 wounded in Nisour Square in Baghdad in 2007. US President Trump pardoned the war criminals in an amnesty and this is not the first time Trump grants clemency to hired assassins A year ago, he pardoned Edward Gallagher, a Navy Seal convicted of committing horrendous war crimes in Mosul. Trump later welcomed Gallagher and his wife to Mar-a-Lago. (Washington Post) One comment from an interview on the Iraqi streets included that the US President just proved that the US occupied this country, not liberated it. (TRT World)

This will not be the last time that Western governments deal with backhanded methods to achieve political aims via hired private “security” companies most notorious Blackwater who receive lucrative payouts in exchange for assassinations and other means to achieve political aims outside the official government radar.  The precise coordination necessary to carry out such logistics is only available by government intelligence and clearance.

Trump’s clemency for these Blackwater hitmen shows that these are not private individuals working but an establishment that carefully designed the foreign policy which allows them to bring in private companies to do the dirty work to avoid international crime charges, if and when the crimes are exposed, the private mercenaries take the fall and the government that hired the companies are unscathed. If the common people can put two and two together, how do the governments escape the international courts?  Where is the justice for the widowed mothers and orphaned children?

The U.S and U.K.-imposed sanctions, the cruelest in modern history, had killed hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians throughout the 1990s. But it was worth it, as Madeleine Albright infamously said on 60 Minutes. (WP) From their vicious tongues, this shows the hatred the Kaffir holds against Islam and Muslims and what their hearts conceal is much more vile. Muslims will be the prey that the hyenas feast upon until the sleeping giant awakens – the Imam that will account the crimes country by country against the Muslim Ummah. The Kaffir regimes will always despise the Muslim and use any slogan to penetrate the Muslim lands. Human rights is the cover for the mother of all crimes by the Kafir West especially by the US whether it is in Iraq or Afghanistan. However, this is possible only with the collusion of the agent-regimes, what is the reaction of the Iraqi government to Trump’s pardon to these murderers? The reaction of the UN and the international community?  But for now, Trump will try to score as many points with his beneficiaries during his lame duck period.


Manal Bader