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United Nations and International Community reward the Criminal Nusayri Regime of Syria

On the same day that a UN commission of inquiry accused accusing Syria of “crimes against humanity, war crimes, and other international crimes including genocide,” the UN announced that the Assad regime will be elected to a senior post on a United Nations committee in charge of upholding fundamental human rights in opposing the “subjugation, domination and exploitation” of peoples. The intention to elect Assad’s newly appointed UN envoy, Syrian ambassador Bassam al-Sabbagh, was announced yesterday, on February 18, in the 2021 opening session of the UN’s Special Committee on Decolonization. “The Special Committee will take up, at a later date, the election of the Special Rapporteur of the Committee pending the arrival in New York of His Excellency Ambassador Bassam al-Sabbagh, nominated by the Syrian Arab Republic,” said Keisha McGuire, Permanent Representative of Grenada to the UN. The Syrian delegate at the meeting clarified that the election of Ambassador al-Sabbagh would come in June, saying, “We had hoped he would be among us today. But for reasons beyond our control, he was unable to join us today. We thank the Committee for having deferred the election until the month of June.”

At a first glance this news appears as a cruel trick, because of the mockery it contains within the contrast between the criminal Nusayri regime and its nomination for such a high position. However, clarity prevails due to the fact that the international community and its organizations are no less criminal than the Bashar al-Assad regime. We know for sure that the role of the United Nations and its member states is to endorse and support every evil criminal liar in the world, particularly when a crime is committed against Islam and Muslims. We know for sure, by seeing the reality and the history of the United Nations that it supports every rogue global dictator, whether Bashar, Sisi or Bin Salman, amongst all the chameleon Muslim rulers who are no less criminal against their Islamic peoples.

The UN’s provision of status and legitimacy for the criminal Syrian regime is despite the documentation by the human rights committees, affiliated to the United Nations itself, of the horrific crimes of the Nusayri regime in Syria. It is despite the verbal condemnation of Bashar’s crimes by many members of the UN. It is despite the ongoing atrocities by the criminal Bashar until this day. Indeed, Bashar’s crimes are no less than the crimes of the Mongols when they invaded Damascus, or those of the Tatars when they destroyed Baghdad, or those of the Crusaders during their campaigns against the blessed land of Palestine. Despite all of this and more, the criminal United Nations dared to nominate the criminal regime for such a position. The nomination can only be described as reward for the regime for its crimes against the people. The Muslims of Syria are an upright people who came out against the oppression and tyranny, demanding freedom from the slavery that they have endured since the destruction of Khilafah hundred years ago.

The fall of the Khilafah was followed by oppressive regimes, ruling on behalf of the colonialist Western nations. What increased the embrace and endorsement by the United Nations of the criminal regime is the demand of the Syrian revolution for ruling according to the Shariah of Allah (swt). It is the red line which every state ruling by kufr does not allow to be crossed, including the current states in the Islamic world, particularly the hypocrite agent rulers of the West who wear the garb of Islam, feigning innocence, like the Turkish Regime arrests the Shabab of Hizb ut Tahrir these days in Syria, whilst arresting dignified Turkish women in Amorium, for reminding the Ummah of the tragic fall of the Ottoman Khilafah one hundred hijri years ago in the same Turkey. This affirms the secularism, hypocrisy and atheism of Erdogan’s regime. It reminds us of the Romans who captured a Muslim woman in Amorium, whereupon she cried out aloud to the Khaleefah of the time, “Wa Muatismah”!

All the member states bear the sin of the United Nations’ stance, including the current harmful regimes in the Islamic world. Even whispers of dissent are not heard from them, whilst maintaining silence in a matter that demands upholding of the truth. The governments of the Muslim World are witnessing the great oppression upon the people of Syria, yet they remain silent, even those who denounce the call to nominate the Syrian regime for this post. Moreover, their denouncing of the crimes of Bashar did not go beyond words. They neither rejected the legitimacy of the regime nor did they cut off diplomatic relationships nor did they expel its ambassadors, amongst other actions. Additionally, they did not support the people of Syria with wealth and weapons, whilst they are more than capable to do so. Therefore such governments are clearly of the low rank of the sinful silent one that does not speak, when truth must be heard. May Allah (swt) curse them and may their hands be ruined.

With the permission of Allah (swt), the upcoming Khilafah upon the Method of Prophethood will cast the international community and its organizations into the dustbin of history. The upcoming Khilafah will neither recognize nor adhere to any of the customs and laws of the organisation. Instead, the Khilafah will pursue and hold accountable each of the affiliates of the organization and those who call for its implementation.

The Khilafah will expose the organization as being illegitimate, oppressive and rogue, whilst ensuring that the noble Islam alone sets the standard for international conduct for the entire world, distinguishing glory from humiliation. May Allah (swt) have mercy upon the Ottoman Khalifah, Sulaiman, who was called by the West as Al-Qanouni, “The Lawgiver,” because his edicts were the laws adhered to by the West, which they would not deviate from it. On the occasion of the centenary of the destruction of the Khilafah, we call upon the Ummah to restore this great glory, so that the grieving Ummah will be victorious and all those who were oppressed by the United Nations will be granted support and relief.


Written for the Central Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir by
Bilal Al-Muhajir – Wilayah Pakistan