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Two English Officers Rule Two Muslim Countries, Plundering Them

The British newspaper, The Guardian, highlighted the inclusion of the name of Jordan’s King Abdullah II in the investigation that revealed information about bank accounts of leaders and officials in Switzerland. The investigation, in which dozens of foreign websites and newspapers participated, indicates that the King of Jordan benefited from six bank accounts with Swiss Credit Suisse, for years. It pointed out that only one of the six accounts showed that King Abdullah, who celebrated his 60th birthday some weeks ago, would later be worth a remarkable 230m Swiss francs (£180m).

In related news, the British government mourned the death of one of the most influential British army officers in the Middle East, Sir Erik Bennett, who passed away last month in his nineties. Although Sir Erik was the godfather of the current King of Jordan, his real impact was in Oman, where he spent three decades secretly advising its Sultan, Qaboos bin Said Al Said. Sir Bennet was the founder of the Sultan’s Royal Council, which is a gang of politicians, generals and heads of British intelligence. He held annual meetings late at night, in one of the palaces in Muscat. In 1958, Bennett went on to the newly formed Jordanian Air Force, becoming a close air advisor to King Hussein of Jordan. The King of Jordan gave Bennett a yellow Ferrari and a rare Breitling watch, making him the godfather to his son Abdullah, the country’s current ruler.

Anyone who thinks that Lawrence of Arabia, the English officer who led the Arab Revolt, whilst riding Sharif Hussein, the grandfather of King Abdullah in Jordan, returned to his country, Britain, without leaving behind him the cunning of this nation, carefully passing on the dagger that Britain embedded deep in the body of the Ummah, is wrong. After Britain conspired against the Khilafah (Caliphate) by riding the huge traitor, Sharif Hussein of the Arabs, and the traitor Mustafa Kamal of the Turks, abolishing the Uthmani Khilafah and tearing it into pieces, Britain installed an officer from the British army or an officer from the British intelligence, MI6, at the head of each state.

This is the case with King of Jordan Abdullah, who is an English officer who barely speaks Arabic. He graduated from the British Royal Military College, Sandhurst. It was also the case with Sir Erik Bennett, who is also an officer of the British army to the core. It is also the case with the rulers of the Gulf and their sons. They are either graduates of the British Military College itself or one of Britain’s military and intelligence institutions. Whoever thinks that the Gulf States and Jordan are governed by politicians, whatever their degree of political naivety, is mistaken. Instead, they are ruled British military officers or intelligence informants. These countries are still under mandate of the British military, through British military officers, loyal to the Crown to their core. The mission of these officers in Muslim countries has not changed since the Britain uprooted the Khilafah at the hands of the ancestors of these officers. Their mission is to subdue the Islamic Ummah, ruling it with an iron fist to prevent its revival by Islam, whilst plundering the wealth of Muslims and impoverishing them, so that the masses will continue to chase after a livelihood that is not to be found.

This is a summary of the role of Sir Erik Bennett in Oman and the role of “Sir” Abdullah II. So it is not surprising that Sir Erik used military force several times to suppress several uprisings and revolutions that took place in Oman. It is also not surprising that King Abdullah worked to plunder the people, the poor Jordanians, depositing all his wealth in Western safe havens, such as Swiss banks.

What saddens the soul is that the so-called “Arab army” officers in Jordan remain submissive to an English officer, from the descendants of Glubb Pasha (Lieutenant-General Sir John Bagot Glubb), thinking that he is one of the descendants of the Hashemites, whilst the Hashemites are innocent of him. This is whilst in Oman, the Arab officers are led by a council of cunning English officers. Indeed, there is no recourse for the officers in both countries except that they depose these English agents and grant the Nussrah to Hizb ut Tahrir until they establish the second Khilafah (Caliphate) on the Method of the Prophethood, and in this way, Britain, its officers and agents will be repaid with two equals.

Bilal Al-Muhajir – Wilayah Pakistan