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Trusting America, Russia and Europe is Political and Military Suicide!

This criminal attack was carried out less than 48 hours before the end of the period given by Turkey to the Syrian regime to withdraw from the Turkish monitoring points. Russia claimed that it had not attacked the Turkish soldiers, and that the “terrorists” and members of the Turkish army were fighting in the same place, and that they had not been informed of the coordinates of their positions. Hulusi Akar denied the Russian statement and stated that “The Russian side was informed in advance but the airstrikes continued.” But Turkey has avoided blaming Russia for this attack, and insisted on making reference to the regime. Likewise, Turkey’s appeal to NATO to implement Article 4 was not also accepted. Then the meeting took place between Erdogan and Putin at Turkey’s request. At the meeting, concerns were expressed about the growing tension and death toll, and emphasized on increasing coordination between the defence ministers of the two countries. It addressed Astana and Sochi and combating “terrorism” and emphasized taking steps to restore normalcy in Idlib.

It is the consequences of relying on the international resolutions, plans and projects planned by the colonists that led to this unfortunately grievous and dangerous outcome. In February alone, 53 soldiers died as a result of Russian and Syrian regime’s attacks. The current situation in Turkey is bitter and dreadful. This situation cannot be explained by Turkey as a result of the steps it has taken depending on America and Russia. What political justification is used to continue to affirm adherence to the Geneva, Astana and Sochi Conventions while hiding the truth from the people that what is happening on those tables is a burial of the Syrian revolution, and that it is these agreements that have pushed Turkey to its present status? Is there not a right-minded man in the Turkish Foreign Ministry? Although the most head of state that President of the Republic, Erdogan, meet with is his friend Putin (!), what is the desired benefit of this meeting with this killer again? The establishment of friendship, depending on America, Russia, Europe or other Kaffir colonial countries is undoubtedly a political and military suicide, and its price is high, as we have seen! Consequently, Turkey should end its existing cooperation with America and Russia, the enemies of Islam and Muslims. It must tear the Geneva Conventions, Astana and Sochi and throw them into the trash. What needs to be done urgently is a practical reciprocity response.

The flames of Idlib hurt us, just as did the pain that Syria suffered nine years ago. In this case, we Muslims have no solution but to uphold our religion, trust its solutions, and protect our country from the Kaffir occupiers. This requires us to seek help through patience and stand together in the face of the schemes of disbelief. We have to move away from the kuffar and not trust their friendship, and we must support the Deen of Allah, so He supports us, and plant firmly our feet on his religion.


Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir in Wilayah Turkey

Saturday, 04th Rajab 1441 AH

29/02/2020 CE

No: 1441 / 09