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Those who Rule and Those who Desire to Rule the Ummah Seek the Assurance of their Future beside their Western Lords

Turkey: The Chairman of Republican People’s Party Kemal Kilicdaroglu went to London, the capital of the UK, to pay a series of visits. During his visit to the UK, Kilicdaroglu met with science and technology circles and investors. (Source: News Agencies)

CHP Chairman Kilicdaroglu had gone to the United States and had met some circles there before his visit to the UK. This time, CHP leader Kemal Kilicdaroglu paid a visit to the UK with a delegation. He met with some British investors.

In his statement about the trip, Kemal Kilicdaroglu said that the purpose of his visit to the UK was that Turkey needed clean foreign investment to get out of the crisis, that if clean money comes, dirty money will go, and in this way, this money will go down to the people, end unemployment and uproot drugs from the streets, and that this is the only solution to the crisis spiral. In addition, Kilicdaroglu stated that he has very big plans for Turkey and that the end of November should be watched for.

And in addition to this, CHP Chairman Kilicdaroglu said in his message in London that he held a meeting in London with 14 huge funds that had invested 100 billion pounds in different parts of the world, that he would bring these funds to Turkey, that they would come very strongly, that there were no usurers among those he met, that they were all investors and that there were no drug lords at all.

It is not surprising that CHP Chairman Kilicdaroglu visited the UK which on March 3, 1924, destroyed the Caliphate, the 1300-year-old state of Muslims. The CHP, the founding party of the Republic, has acted arm in arm and marched together with the British for years. The UK wants now to bring back to power the CHP, which will perfectly fulfill its political interests in Turkey and the region, as it did before.

CHP leader Kilicdaroglu’s visit to London is more of a political visit than an economic one. Because economy and politics are two inseparable concepts. This visit is probably related to the upcoming 2023 Presidential elections. This visit is to receive instructions from the UK, the arch-enemy of Islam and Muslims, on the road map for Turkey.

On the other hand, it is actually not surprising that Kilicdaroglu admires the UK which destroys crops and cattle and is an imperialist Kafir that speaks highly of them and reposes in them. Kilicdaroglu’s previous predecessors also had born a great fondness and love for the UK because the power that the CHP relies on is the British.

It is not sincere for Kilicdaroglu to say that he went to the UK to find clean money to end the economic crisis in Turkey. The CHP never cares about the fact that the people in Turkey live in an economic distress. Kilicdaroglu’s only concern is to come to power and fulfills the exalted interests of the British, on whom he relies.

The fund holders, whom Kilicdaroglu refers to as clean, have sucked the blood of Muslims for years and stole the property of the Ummah like a thief. Again, these fund holders and the British state behind them have settled down on, usurped and exploited the wealth of the Ummah like a gang. Now, without any shame or even blushing, Kilicdaroglu recites praises for these fund barons. He wants to acquit them and make them innocent. Moreover, as for Kilicdaroglu’s statements, these are not realistic. These huge funds are all drug lords. These funds or corporations are international usurers who exploit people and do not accept any human or moral value to make more money.

As for the promises Kilicdaroglu obtained from these fund holders to invest in Turkey, these capitalist investors do not have mercy for anyone; they do not invest unless they receive ten times what they give. What promises did Kilicdaroglu make to attract these investors to Turkey? What commitments did he make? What concessions did he make? Moreover, Kilicdaroglu does not possess any power at the moment to meet their demands!

Oh Muslims;

Those who rule and those who desire to rule the Ummah seek the assurance of their future beside their Western lords. They are going around continents for this. They request them for help when they are in trouble. They repose in them. They seek the honor and dignity beside the imperialist Kuffar. However, honor and dignity belong only to Allah, His Messenger and the Believers.

Yilmaz CELIK