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Those who Claimed to Fix the Economy in Return for Bartering Occupied Kashmir Away, Only Lost Us Both Kashmir and the Economy

This is the End Result of Dealing with Evil Colonialism! So is There Still Anyone Who Has Yet to Learn Their Lesson?!

The Spokesperson of Pakistan’s Foreign Office has confirmed that General Bajwa has called the US Deputy Secretary of State, Wendy Sherman, requesting the United States puts pressure on the IMF, to release a loan tranche. Earlier, according to media reports, General Bajwa tried to get his call through to more senior American officials, but no one entertained him. Pakistan’s economy is in such a pitiful state that, if an installment of a paltry 1.2 billion dollars is not released by the IMF, then Pakistan will come close to default, whilst the rupee has crashed to 250 Rupees to the dollar, unleashing a storm of back-breaking inflation. Moreover, this is the state of General Bajwa, head of the sixth largest army in the world and de facto ruler of the most powerful, nuclear-armed, state in the Muslim World. His pitiful state is such that he is begging for dollars from the US and its destructive tool, the IMF, with higher level officials refusing to even pick up a phone for him, whilst lower officials humiliate him before the entire world, putting him on hold, through an embarrassing pause.

General Bajwa is in such a pathetic state despite acting as a hired facilitator for the colonialists, brokering a loaded deal between the Taliban and the United States, to maintain Washington’s influence in Afghanistan, whilst providing safe exit for the humiliated, retreating, cowardly American troops. It is General Bajwa that continues to maintain an air corridor, “The Boulevard,” over our sensitive military assets, for the USCENTCOM forces based in the Gulf, to ensure over-the-horizon capabilities for American drones in our region, that ignite fires of chaos on our borders. It is General Bajwa that surrendered Occupied Kashmir to Modi, whilst presenting the improvement in the economy as a justification for this crushing, humiliating surrender. And it is General Bajwa that arrogantly dismissed the return of the Khilafah as nostalgia, at the 54th Munich Security Conference, held on 17 February 2018 in Germany, in order to please his master. Yet, despite all of this service to his colonialist master, General Bajwa, has become a lesson for those who wish to learn, just like General Musharraf before him. Is this not the only inevitable outcome of siding with evil colonialism, in our foreign policy?

Is this not a lesson for Pakistan’s military leadership, including whoever wins the paralyzing competition over securing the post of army chief, after General Bajwa’s current extension ends? Ever since Pakistan’s rulers adopted secular politics, with its foreign policy of bowing down before colonialism, they have surrendered most of the Indian Subcontinent, Hyderabad Deccan, the Bengal, the rivers of Sutlej, Ravi, and Beas, Siachen and now Occupied Kashmir. All this was done in the name of compulsions of the colonialist international order, saving the economy and protecting national interests. However, whenever we took the side of Islam, even if it were on a limited scale, we achieved successes, such as liberating Gilgit-Baltistan and Azad Kashmir, defeating Russia, and then America, through Jihad in Afghanistan, crushing the Indian Army at the hands of a few thousand Mujahideen in Kashmir and rejecting international pressure over our possession of nuclear weapons. Continuing to bow before colonialist foreign policy condemns us to submission to the regional dominance of India, which is being raised by both a strategic alliance with US and Hindutva bigotry, to counter Muslims and China. As for those who now consider turning to China or Russia, due to their strong anti-American sentiments, that only condemns us to more humiliation at the hands of colonialist powers.

O Officers of Pakistan’s Armed Forces! Allah (swt) is the Sole Owner of Power and Authority. He (swt) imposes humiliation in this world and the hereafter on those who disobey Him. Behind you is the humiliation of General Musharraf and General Bajwa. Before you is the high rank and status of Saad bin Muadh (ra), Qutaiba bin Muslim, Salahuddin Ayyubi and Muhammad bin Qasim. The second Khaleefah Rashid, Umar al Farooq (ra), stated the truth when he said,

“إنَّا كنَّا أذلَّ قوم فأعزَّنا الله بالإسلام فمهما نطلب العِزَّة بغير ما أعزَّنا الله به أذلَّنا الله”

“We were a humiliated people, but Allah (swt) honored us with Islam. No matter how much we sought honor in other than Islam, Allah (swt) would humiliate us.” [Al-Mustadrak].

Bury this secular politics and its colonialist foreign policy. Uproot this colonialist Democracy and its guardians, who have fashioned themselves a god of America, which could not even stand up to small groups of poorly armed Afghan Mujahideen. End this capitalist Democracy, which has given us nothing but hunger, humiliation and poverty. Grant Nussrah for the re-establishment of the Khilafah (Caliphate) on the Method of Prophethood that will uproot the colonialist international order from Eurasia, which has restrained the mighty Islamic Ummah for too long. The Khilafah project is ready for implementation, just as its people are ready for ruling. Come forwards now and side with the Great Deen of Islam, the only Deen of Truth, and its beautiful Ummah, earning honor in both the Dunya and Aakhira.

Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir in Wilayah Pakistan

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3 Muharram 1444 – Monday, 1st August 2022
No: 01 / 1444