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There is No Justice in Lebanon under the Corrupt Authority with its Regime and its Rulers

Yesterday, the murderer of the young man, Nazih Hammoud, was released after paying a bail of 1.05 million liras!

Although the Prime Minister has promised to punish the murderer, is the penalty of killing an innocent Muslim 5 months’ imprisonment only?!

We have not forgotten how the bombers of the two mosques, “At-Taqwa” and “As-Salam”, were treated with the attempts to reduce the punishment on Samaha and Lahd agents.

The Islamic prisoners have been forgotten in the darkness of the prisons of the authority for years and years, while the drug dealers and farmers and kidnappers of the people, who are in thousands, are not even arrested!

When the Authority tried to impose a security plan on them, it turned back and announced its repentance!!

They say: “There is no injustice in Lebanon!”

And we say: “Rather injustice, all injustice, is only for the innocent sons of Muslims, but other known criminals are above the law and in the protection of the corrupt who control the authority”.

The policy of double standards is clear to everyone with vision and foresight, although Muslims were and still are the majority of the people of the country, and whenever they intend to move to put an end to their contempt, they are promised false promises by their own people.

Our hope lies in Allah (swt) to rid us from the injustice of this authority, and that the Ummah get the awareness and support us to achieve the truth and establish justice emanating from Allah’s law Azza Wa Jal.


Sheikh Dr. Muhammad Ibrahim

Head of the Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir

in Wilayah of Lebanon