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The US is Burning While Capitalism is Collapsing

US President Trump has announced that he deployed thousands of heavily armed military personnel and security forces to combat the violence in the country. A two-day curfew has been declared in the US capital, Washington DC, after protests intensified on the police killing of African-American George Floyd. Tim Walz, the governor of the state of Minnesota, announced that George Floyd’s funeral will be held on Thursday. Trump stated that the troops and National Guard forces will be activated across the country due to increasing protests and violence.


The US is battling a wave of protests it has not seen recently. Chaos is everywhere. The streets are on fire. There is looting footage from all over the country. In a way that the US was not used to, the troops went down to the cities and began to intervene.

Actually, the American people are especially used to racist attacks and police violence against blacks. There have been many incidents in the country similar to the George Floyd incident, but none of them had caused such massive protests. Well, why did the American people react so violently to the Floyd incident?

It is beyond doubt that people are bounded together by religion, race or ideology. The only bond binding people who live in the US to each other and to the state is interest, offered by the capitalist ideology. And the American citizenship is a deal made on this interest.

As the coronavirus outbreak had spread to the US, the vulture aspect of Capitalism has once again come to light. Hundreds of thousands of people were not able to benefit from health services because they had no money. Being unemployed in the US means that you are potentially doomed to live on the street. In this way, the Americans have seen that the capitalist system does not attach any weight to them. On the contrary, they have seen that they are thrown away like a worthless product. And as the video where Floyd is being strangled in cold blood by a villain representing the state was posted on social media, the American citizens who are condemned to heavy working conditions and sacrificed at the first occasion, have seen their own picture in George Floyd. Floyd wasn’t the only one who was smothered. Millions of American citizens felt being strangled, killed with Floyd, and the rest is known. The citizenship agreement is broken. The protests were followed by lootings. The malls were almost looted.

A young woman who led the protesters shouted in front of the cameras: “Don’t talk to us about looting. Ya’ll are the looters! America has looted Black people. America looted the Native Americans. So looting is what you do. We learned it from you!”

Protest and looting footages from almost every city has caused the questioning of US hegemony over the world. How could a state which is not able to dominate its own country tidy up the whole world?  How could the Muslim rulers accept to be slaves of a state which even cannot make itself listened to its own people?

Undoubtedly, the answer of this question is hidden in the betrayal of Muslim rulers. These rulers who are not aware of its own people’s potential power, and who feel (their throne) safe when they lean on the West, the US in particular, are rulers who are disconnected from the Muslim Ummah and who do not reflect the character of the Muslim Ummah. Because the Muslim Ummah does not bind power to numerical superiority or economic superiority. If it were so, they wouldn’t have been at the ports of the Sasanian Empire, which was one of the superpowers of its period a few years after the establishment of the Khilafah State (Caliphate), and which was both numerically and economically so much more superior.

Indeed, Capitalism is continuously being shaken. It is bleeding as days pass. Societies are turning away from it, because the time of its extinction has come near. The humanity is between two options. Either Capitalism will renew itself and step over to a social system by making concessions on its core values. Or another system will replace Capitalism.

When we consider the fact that capitalist mentality is a greedy mentality, we could see that the first option is impossible. It does not seem possible that Capitalism will evolve and turn into a system between these two. So the only option is a new system.

Since there is no ideology other than three ideologies, since the end of Capitalism has come, since Socialism has been tried out and abandoned, only the Islamic ideology and the system of Islam, which has been derived from this ideology, remain. That’s exactly what the humanity needs.

The only economic system that neither encourages nor fully suppresses the ambition of acquiring property in the human nature, balances between the two, focuses on the fair distribution of wealth, not the duplication of wealth, is the economic system of Islam.

The only door the humankind, who seeks peace and happiness, could knock, is the Islamic ideology. This is an irrefutable truth. It is only a matter of time…

And the time flies quickly in a way that no one can control.

The time nears.


Süleyman Uğurlu