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The US has Concealed its Defeat in Afghanistan behind Great Lies

The Washington Post claims to have access to 2000 page top-secret documents that unveils the reality of US’s 18 year long Afghanistan war. What is more central to this is the fact that the United States’ Presidents, Senators, Diplomats and Generals have covered the reality of their war in Afghanistan and have lied to their people in order to show their failures in Afghanistan as success.

In addition, it in fact unveils the internal dispute within the US institutions and the mounting pressure over the US forces in order to assist their peace negotiations with the Taliban. Strikingly, this report also displays the importance of understanding how lies, deceit and hiding the truth in the United States’ political posture is central to the Capitalist ideology. This is clearly visible how the US, as the beacon of this ideology, performs this role better than any other. As it is said by one of the capitalism masterminds, “To hide a lie, a thousand lies are needed.”

Democracy aka capitalism considers the political ground as a swimming pool, where one is required to throw away one’s values, manners and honesty, prior to jumping into this pool, and the only thing to hold on to is pragmatism. Yes, it’s Machiavellism, that shapes the US politics, thus there is no wonder why deceit, savagery, crimes and playing with the public opinion are considered as great skills.

Even the beginning of its war in Afghanistan was founded on major lies. The fight against terrorism, narcotics, elimination of corruption, and nation building, among many others, are the best examples of these major lies, upon which they have justified their invasion of Afghanistan. While in fact, by the passage of a short while and through their own uncontrollable tongues, the multi-faced identity of this hypocrite and criminal colonialist entity is revealed.

One of the best examples of the fact behind their actual intentions for the invasions of Afghanistan is well understood in the words of James Dobbins, the former US special envoy to Afghanistan and Pakistan, where he stated: “We don’t invade poor countries to make them rich. We don’t invade authoritarian countries to make them democratic. We invade violent countries to make them peaceful and we clearly failed in Afghanistan.”

To conclude, the Muslims of Afghanistan shall have already realized the fact that a country, which has placed lies, deceit and crimes as its foundations of its relationship with Afghanistan, shall also be recognized with as such, but not as a strategic friend. All of their promises and agreements in the past 18 years have been nothing but lies and deceit. As such, there is no difference in their deceitful promises for the elimination of corruption and narcotics in the past, with the false promises of bringing peace and ending wars tomorrow.

Thus, the Muslims of Afghanistan shall rise against the false system, known as Democracy, and their stooges, and restrain from participating in any of American initiated processes, only to observe how their own lies will result in their Soviet Styles destruction and one another opportunity for us to celebrate also. This is only possible, if the Muslim and Mujahed people of Afghanistan take their affairs into their own hands and establish their own state that is found upon their own values, which are based on Islam.


Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir in Wilayah Afghanistan

Friday, 16th Rabii’ II 1441 AH

13/12/2019 CE

Ref.: Afg. 1441 / 05