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The UN is a Criminal Thief with a Humanitarian Cover

The United Nations has raised about $2.6 billion from international donors from 16 countries around the world to ensure the continuation and expansion of humanitarian assistance operations in Yemen, according to a statement released by the UN News Center.

It confirmed that pledges made by international donors during the high-level conference on pledging for Yemen in Geneva last Tuesday were 30 percent higher than last year’s $2.01 billion. In this regard, we emphasize the following:

1- The United Nations raises funds and assistance on behalf of the people of Yemen, exploiting their humanitarian suffering brought on by the Anglo-American conflict and its local and regional warring tools in Yemen. Most of the people in Yemen have become aware that they only get the “crumbs” of this aid and the financial amounts. The UN steals most of these funds and uses it for its senior employees sometimes and to change the Yemeni people through the programs of their malicious organizations. Some of these aids are close to their expiration dates or have already expired. The United Nations has no objection to the death of all the people of Yemen or they all suffer from deadly diseases and epidemics. For them, their suffering is a source of income that brings in huge sums of money and enables it to plant firmly its malicious “canines” in the land of Iman and wisdom.

2- The United Nations is one of the tools of America dominating the world order, and it is no wonder that we see it serving the Houthis and work through them and support them with part of this aid; they sell the aid in the black market and this is no secret to anyone, the UN’s support is clear to all through the annual reports or through its relief organizations operating in the country.

3- The United Nations’ interest is to prolong the war in Yemen. It is not a humanitarian charity organization; rather it is a malignant colonialist and has a history of hatred against Islam and Muslims. Its crimes and plots are disputed only by those who have benefit or subordinate agents.

How much the United Nations is lying in its reports when it registers that it gave the people of Yemen such and such assistance and exaggerate unashamedly at a time when there is no accountability.

4- These funds called aid are in reality the right of the people of Yemen and not a gift or out of the UN’s generosity. The donor countries do not give these funds except in response to the demand of the countries of the conflict in Yemen represented by America and Britain; these agent countries do not give anything to the sake of Allah for their brothers, the people of Yemen who are plagued by this absurd war, at a time when the riches of the Muslim Ummah are being poured into the pockets of the colonists.

5- The people of Yemen would not have needed the aid gathered in their name if they had a state that united them and governed by the rules of Islam. The wealth of the country is abundant, but goes into the pockets of the warlords and their colonial masters, who have exhausted the people of Yemen with the taxes and the repeated unjust levies. Prices shot up under the economic war between the frantic conflicting parties.

6- The people of Yemen should clearly understand the reality of the Anglo-American conflict on their country and its great danger. They must also realize the role played by the United Nations in their countries and work to spare their country more fighting and bloodshed. This is by establishing the Khilafah Rashidah (rightly guided Caliphate) on the method of Prophethood which rules by Islam and implements it practically, internally and externally, to ensure the elimination of all crises, to disable the hand of the colonists and their tools, and to stop the foolish agents who brought misery and destruction and ignited the fires of war and sedition, and destroyed the country and the people.


Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir in Wilayah Yemen

Friday, 24th Jumada II 1440 AH

01/03/2019 CE

No: HTY- 1440 / 11