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The Trick of the Tyrant of Kazakhstan to Avoid the Anger of the People and Stay in Power!!!

On March 19, the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan made a video message on the republican channels. In particular, the official website of the President of Kazakhstan published a speech that starts like this:

“Dear people of Kazakhstan, compatriots, comrades, members of the Nur Otan party! Today I appeal to you, as I have always done, at the most important moments of the history of our state, which we are building together. But today’s appeal is special.

Today I am addressing you, as I have always done, at the most important moments of the history of our state, which we are building together. But today’s address is special.

I have made a difficult decision for myself – to resign from the powers of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan. This year marks the 30th anniversary of my time as the leader of our country. I was honored by my people to become the First President of an independent Kazakhstan”.


It can be said that the last few years Kazakhstan has stormed, in the sense that from time to time people in different regions of the country go to demonstrations demanding the resignation of the tyrant N. Nazarbayev.

N. Nazarbayev came to power in the USSR, first as the Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Kazakhstan from 1979 to 1984. In 1989-1991, he became the first secretary of the Central Control Commission of Kazakhstan. Simultaneously, from February to April 1990 – the Chairman of the Supreme Soviet of the Kazakh SSR. He became president in 1991. After that, he was repeatedly re-elected to the presidency. The last elections were held in April 2015, where he again won a landslide victory.

The long 30 years of the tyrannical rule of N. Nazarbayev led the people to degradation in all spheres of human activity. The tyrant with his surroundings in the face of the relatives and the people close to him became rich by methodically robbing the country’s natural wealth, while the people were begging and starving.

This tyranny on the part of the authorities, contributed to the growing discontent in different sectors of society, both in the intelligentsia and ordinary workers. Human rights activists and journalists say that, “Disloyal moods are becoming more and more manifest. People stopped being afraid. Protests have increased, and not only in social networks.” This is on the one hand.

On the other hand, the West, for the purpose of personal gain, puts pressure on the power of the country using slogans about “human rights”. For example, on 14 March, the European Parliament adopted a resolution regarding the human rights situation in Kazakhstan. The document contains 17 recommendations, 15 of them are addressed to the authorities of the country.

We can cite many more examples that are of great concern to the tyrant N. Nazarbayev. Most likely, the tyrant decided to deceive the people with his alleged personal initiative of resignation. In order to avoid a storm of discontent and possible mass protests like in Tunisia, Egypt, Algeria and other Muslim lands, tyrant Nazarbayev has deceived the people.

Before “leaving” his post, last year tyrant Nazarbayev secured the status of “the leader of the nation” and the right to preside over the Security Council for life, which was recently changed from an advisory body to a constitutional one. The Council has the power to veto appointments and dismiss key government officials at all levels of government. This means that when the tyrant Nazarbayev “leaves” the presidency, he will still be able to influence the decisions of his successor, and even block them. Just in February and in the beginning of March, enormous personnel changes were made in virtually all ministers. That is, this is just a castling. The tyrant remains in power and will continue his tyranny, and the people will again be deceived!

With the departure of the tyrant and the appointment of a new president, the situation in the country will not change, as the system remains the same. The true change and salvation of the people of Kazakhstan from tyranny lies in overthrowing the human-made system, and returning to the foundations of their religion Islam. Islam is a system for human life, society and the state. Islam is revealed to us from the Creator of the Lord of the Worlds. During the existence of mankind, no other system has known such a great, successful and prosperous history for man as the life under the rule of Islam for more than 13 centuries.

So hurry to a radical change! Hurry to revive the Islamic way of life under the shadow of the Second Righteous State of the Khilafah (Caliphate)! And may Allah help us!


Eldar Khamzin

Member of the Central Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir