The Khilafah

The Treacherous Arab League Opens up for Letting the Syrian Regime into their Fold

12 years after the uprisings in Syria, the Arab League is about to admit the Syrian regime back into the fold of the organisation. This has been endorsed especially by the Saudi and Emirati regimes, who have pressured the organisation to bring back the Syrian regime. These two regimes are said to potentially be interested in investing in the rebuilding of Syrian infrastructure.

After 12 years of slaughter and killings of the Muslims in Syria, and 12 years of blessed uprisings in the land, the treacherous organisation of traitors, the so-called Arab League embraces the Syrian regime after excluding it from the organisation as Bashar al-Assad began his brutalisation of the Muslims in Syria. Hundreds of thousands have been killed and millions have been displaced. By the help of the Americans and their agents of henchmen among the regimes of Iran and different militias, as well as the regimes that derailed and infiltrated the Syrian revolution, the Syrian regime of criminals remains in power artificially and temporarily. This is yet another proof of these regimes’ enmity towards the Ummah. The Syrian regime as well as the Arab regimes are puppets of the US and the West. They are in place only to serve the interests of the colonial powers and suppress the interests and needs of the Arab countries and the Muslim populations.

Any talk about this league of traitors upholding human rights or serving nationals interests are lies and hypocrisy to keep the colonial setup in place, even if it means the displacement and murder of millions of Muslims who have had the immense courage and fearlessness to stand in the face of the tyrants during the uprisings in the Arab countries. The only way to remove the Syrian regime, the Arab League and the colonial grip on our lands, our Ummah and our resources is to unite under a righteous Khaleefah (caliph) who will implement Islam and safeguard our Deen, our lands, our riches, and grant the Ummah the authority over its own lands.

Younes Piskorczyk