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The Third Meeting of the National Alliance

April 25, 2022, the leaders of the six political parties that made up the National Alliance formed in Turkey against the AKP and the MHP-led Cumhur alliance met for the third time under the leadership of the Democratic Party leader Gültekin Uysal. In their mutual written statement, they said: “…We reaffirm our commitment to a ‘strengthened parliamentary system’ that will restore the Parliament’s reputation. We have reviewed our efforts to deepen and maintain our cooperation against the political engineering that the government wants to do with the new election law. As we have emphasized many times as leaders about the presidential candidacy, we will designate a candidate who is conciliatory, libertarian, who has internalized democratic values, who embraces the whole of our nation, who adopts the principles of political morality, and who has merit.”

Since the AKP came to power in 2002, intensive efforts have been made to remove Turkey from the political line of the British and place it on the American one. America has strengthened its presence in Turkish politics in a way that has not been seen in the history of Turkey. In contrast, the British also suffered considerable blood loss.

The US-British conflict has shown and continues to show itself in all aspects of life, from politics to the economy, from structures in the army, universities, and the judicial system under the AKP government, in multidimensional aspects. However, despite the fact that the British are constantly losing power against the United States, it insists on its struggle against the United States through its extensions in domestic politics without getting tired of it.

With the formation of the “Public Alliance” and the “National Alliance” in Turkish politics, the US-UK conflict has also made itself apparent on the political scene with its clear lines. Opposing the AKP, which has been in power for almost two decades, the six political parties that make up the National Alliance to win the Presidential and parliamentary elections to be held in 2023 still consider it doubtful for them to win the elections, although they have put all their forces forward.

Yet, Erdogan is taking every precaution not to lose power, both in terms of his own personal future and in terms of American interests. Within this framework, it has seriously disrupted the plans of the National Alliance by amending the electoral law in recent months. On the other hand, Erdogan and his party are squeezing the National Alliance to announce their presidential candidates.

The political parties that make up the National Alliance, on the other hand, concentrate their thoughts and work, especially at the point of restoring the parliamentary system. In order to show themselves legitimate and gain a reputation with the public, they are trying to attract the public to their side with a number of issues such as the law of political morality, honesty, thinking about and caring about the interests of the people. However, their real goal is to realize the interests of their western masters, the British, rather than caring about the interests of society.

Despite all the troubles that are happening in the economy, they have not been able to create any assets that can be taken seriously against Erdogan. From the point of view of the United States, it seems that America is not too worried about Erdogan’s future and that Erdogan will win the 2023 elections again.

However, regardless of the situation, whether it is the Public Alliance led by Erdogan or the pro-British National Alliance led by the main opposition party CHP, whichever of them takes the seat of power, the sons of the Islamic Ummah in this geography will not benefit from this, as in the developments that have taken place so far. Because the democratic blasphemy system, which is based on non-Islamic laws, is a system that Allah and His Messenger are not content with. There is absolutely no result for the benefit of Muslims from the solutions and practices of any of them. It is the establishment of the Khilafah Rashidah (rightly guided Caliphate) State under the leadership of a caliph who will rule by what Allah has revealed, which is in the interests of Muslims and in accordance with the pleasure of Allah.