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The Solution is Neither in the East nor West, But in Islam

On 7th November 2017, the Danish television station TV2 started a new documentary with the name “The Missing Girls”. In the series we can follow girls who were brought to their “homelands” (read Muslims countries), to be re-up brought but later “escaped”.


The first story in the series was very emotional. A horrible story about confinement, torture and killings and we can only expect the following episodes to be similar. However horrible and sad these stories are, it is important to have several things in mind.

This series, and the likes, are not objective descriptions of reality, but rather produced with a clear agenda filed with political notes. As when Danish public service tv station re-runs the epic movie “Not Without My Daughter”, that creates anti-Islamic sentiments time after time after time, we know that there is an agenda.

We know we will have the Islamophobes who will roar in anger and blame Islam for being violent, oppressive and regressive, and we know we will have the apologetic Muslims, saying that we as a community have to admit to our flaws, and reform to escape these bad things.

The fact is that the solution is neither in the East nor in the West. Yes, there is a cultural problem in certain parts of the world where women are being oppressed and seen as inferior. Not admitting that, would be denial and wrong, but Islam is not to blame, and western freedoms are far from the solution.

According to Danish police, so-called honor killings rarely occur in families that are “Islamic”, but rather in families that have “eastern cultural values”. Islam came and had a set down with the oppression and view of women as being inferior. It raised the status of women while Europe was in the Dark Ages discussing if women even had a soul, or were real humans. Western values and freedom still have nothing to offer, and especially not when it comes to women and the evidences speak for themselves.

The solution to the oppression of women in both the East and in the West, can only be solved by Islam, that will give the correct view on humans including women, their relationships and how to solve discrepancies and conflicts.


Junes Kock