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The Shariah Is the Only Solution to Protect Muslim Women from Sexual Violence

Rape and other forms of sexual violence against Muslim women have become endemic in the Muslim lands since the fall of the Khilafah (Caliphate). The colonialists used sexual violence to humiliate and subjugate women and their families. Western powers who occupy the Muslim lands today via their puppet rulers still use sexual coercion, assault, rape, gang rape, and sexual torture not only as a means to instill fear in both women and men and to stigmatize women, but to also destroy the social fabric of the family. The systematic rape of our sisters in Srebrenica, Darfur, Sierra Leone, and so many other places achieved this with only crocodile tears by the world’s leaders and with zero accountability for those who perpetrated such evil crimes because they are part of the current status quo.

Despite CEDAW, despite the Beijing Platform of Action, despite near constant speeches, laws, and UN resolutions being passed over the past several decades, the issue of rape and sexual violence against women is as widespread as it ever was. These atrocities are still taking place against our sisters in Myanmar, where our daughters and sisters are being raped from ages 4 months to 80 years old, to Afghanistan, where our sisters are coerced to do sexual favors for men in order to secure a job to help their families, to Syria, where our sisters are subjected to the most grotesque forms of sexual torture. When our sisters try to seek shelter in other Muslim majority countries, or in Europe, they are met with filthy, unsafe living conditions, more sexual violence, and the threat of human trafficking. These are all happening due to the man-made secular, capitalist laws and culture that objectifies, sexualizes, and uses women to further their agendas of destroying the family unit and society that we are forced to live by. Nothing has changed and nothing will change, as history has proven to us time and time again under a system of oppression and corruption. Our sisters are crying out for help, but there is no government or military to come to their aid.

Imagine what life will be like for us, as Muslim women, across the world once the Khilafah is reestablished and the Khaleefah implements the Shariah. We will be honored in society and protected during times of war and in times of peace (Article 112). Muslim women will not have to live in anxiety over being subjected to sexual violence, or have her rapist walking freely in the streets without fear of punishment. Women will not be viewed as objects to be used whenever men please in order to gain access to education or work (Article 113 & 118). The Khilafah state will implement an education system that will be based on forming the Islamic identity in thoughts and actions based on the pure Islamic Aqeedah (doctrine) (Article 171), not the corrupt aqeedah of the West, which will ensure that women are treated with respect and dignity at all times.

We cannot keep looking to the very same Western governments and puppet masters to come and secure the Muslim lands since they are the very ones who cause the violence and insecurity in the first place. We, as Muslims, need to look to our Deen for the solution. We need to rush to reestablish the Khilafah and implement the divine system of laws given to us by the Creator.

Insha’Allah, women will live in safety and security, as we once did under the Khilafah, where violence of any kind was minimal due to the implementation of the Shariah and a just judicial system that harshly punishes anyone who commits a crime against women. A system where we would have a Khaleefah that will send his army to rescue even one Muslim woman who cries for help. A system that will be a beacon of light for women from the West to come live under its shade and protection, as they too suffer from an alarmingly high number of sexual violence with very little hope of the criminal being convicted of the crime.

This is the world we will have, by the will of Allah (swt), when we take the Shariah of Allah (swt) and we implement it under His just system in the way our beloved Prophet Muhammed (saw) did in Madinah.

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Sarah Mohammed – America

From Hizb ut Tahrir’s Draft Constitution of the Khilafah:

Article 112- The primary role of a woman is that of a mother and wife. She is an honor (‘ird) that must be protected.

Article 113- Segregation of the sexes is fundamental, they should not meet together except for a need that the Shara’ allows or for a purpose the Shara’ allows men and women to meet for, such as trading or pilgrimage (Hajj).

Article 118- Women are forbidden to be in private (khulwah) with any men they can marry, they are also forbidden to display their charms or to reveal their body in front of foreign men.

Article 171- The purpose of education policy is to form the Islamic personality in thought and behavior. Therefore, all subjects in the curriculum must be chosen on the basis of this policy.