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The Role of Religion in the Era of Secular Capitalist Ideology

Bishop Ssebagala made the following directive on Saturday at St Paul Church Kanjuki in Kayunga District while bidding farewell to Christians ahead of his retirement this year. “All head teachers, I want to tell you that we shall not allow pregnant or breastfeeding girls in class. When all girls turn up, carry out the usual medical examination so that those found pregnant can go back and give birth they will come back after giving birth.” In addition, he said, “Imagine someone saying even breastfeeding ones should be allowed to attend class. No, this we shall not accept because our schools were started purposely not only to impart knowledge but also discipline in children. How can a teacher be teaching when a girl is giving breasts to her child?”

In response to the remarks made by the bishop, the State Minister for Higher Education, John Chrysestom Muyingo said, “It seems my friend the bishop doesn’t know the position of government. I will go to his office and talk to him. I know he will understand my explanation and change his position.”  (The East African, Monday, 10/01/2022)

It is extremely questionable for the media to sensationalize the remarks made by the Bishop. On the other hand, they play blind to the fact that the role of religion in the era of secular capitalist ideology is that of mutual compatibility. In the sense that religion is relegated to the peripheral when matters of governance and ruling are concerned, but only sanctioned when social cohesion is threatened. Hence, religion is used as a tool by those in power to satiate their egregious agenda.

The masses embrace religion within the context of a fitting a mentality. A mentality that is influenced by secular capitalist values that abhor religion and its sanctity. So, the masses, including the ruling elites, display religious sentiments when they serve them right, but remain slaves and worshippers of the democratic god, a god whose existence is a manifestation of their limited minds! No wonder, today’s and former ‘religious’ leaders either Muslims or Christians etc. are considered the epitome champions of democracy and serving at the top echelons of democratic regimes!

Consequently, a Muslim or a Christian etc. either a leader or not who professes their religious compatibility to secular capitalist dogma is nothing but a contributor to the existing endless catastrophes permeating the world to date. Yes. Because their submission to the secular capitalist ideology has rendered them weak and undependable in solving the same problems that emanate from their adoption of their invalid secular capitalist ideology and the implementation of its poisonous systems. Hence, it is unsurprising that we have this current hullabaloo in Uganda. Earlier, it was the deceased Tanzanian President John Pombe Magufuli who played the moral card, but contented with the democratic ruling that gives human beings unlimited freedoms!

In conclusion, we need true followers of religion, a genuine religion that emanates from the Creator of the universe, life and man. A religion whose book of guidance is not tarnished or extrapolated to suit personal interests and egos. That religion is Islam. Islam is an ideology (a complete way of life) that demands to be implemented over mankind. So, that mankind can enjoy peace, tranquility and prosperity that it deserves, but has not witnessed under the era secular capitalist ideology. Indeed, it is only Islam under the Islamic governance system of Khilafah (Caliphate) reestablished on the method of Prophethood will bring sanity to all spheres of life.

The Khalifah (Caliph) is a competent Muslim man who submits fully to the dictates of Islam and works day and night to implement the Islamic systems. It is only he via the Khilafah who will return discipline and order to this chaotic secular capitalist world of unlimited freedoms.

Ali Nassoro Ali
Member of the Central Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir