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The Real Danger is the Order You Apply

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan spoke at the Women’s Labour Summit held in Istanbul.

Erdogan: ”The main issue that those who are interested in the problems of women, young people and children in our country should focus on and look for solutions to are the abnormal movements that threaten our children completely. You understand what we mean, don’t you? I’ll be honest. The so-called LGBT event is not in our book. Is it in the CHP’s book? It is. Is it in the baby opposition? There is. Do they walk together? They do. We don’t need anything like that. In the coming period, we will fight against this great danger more compassionately with our ministries and civil society teams.” (Agencies 19.12.2022)

Although President Erdogan’s rhetoric contradicts his actions, as is his custom, he does not see any fault in this and can continue on his way very comfortably. The irresponsibility of words and actions offered by the democratic order has spread to the bones of the rulers. Whoever cheats, lies, makes promises more and can guide society with this is the most successful, favourite, best leader! No matter how many leaders he called murderers and tyrants until yesterday, the same Erdogan who shakes his hands today does not hesitate to make yesterday and today a material for his politics. Unfortunately, the same situation applies to the perverted LGBT, whom he supposedly criticizes and opposes today. I don’t know which book President Erdogan is talking about for LGBT, which he said is not in our book. But I think he forgot that the secular democratic system he personally implemented gave them all kinds of rights in its constitution and laws he enacted. Nevertheless, let us remind them of the works they have done for these heretics, the laws, maybe they will be ashamed!

It is necessary to ask President Erdogan, wasn’t it you in 2002 who said that you did not consider the mistreatment of LGBT deviants humane, and that they should also be legally protected? Did you not pave the way for deviant associations by removing the phrase ‘Immoral associations cannot be established’ in the associations section, which is prohibited to be established by the New Associations Law No. 5253 on 23/11/2004?

Wasn’t the LGBT Student Association established in 2007 with the approval of your party? Didn’t the 170-bed LGBT hotel in Istanbul open in the same year? Wasn’t LGBT law No. 6251 enacted on 29/11/2011? Did these deviants not take their place on Social Media Platforms institutionally in 2013, and who gave them this access and opportunity? Wasn’t MESHJID (Muslim Gay Association) founded again in the same year? Didn’t ETCEP (Social Gender Equality in Education) come into force on 19/09/2014 with the approval of your government? Haven’t these heretics opened dozens of associations all over the country? Didn’t these heretics live their golden age during your rule and didn’t they perform all kinds of dishonourable marches? Didn’t your aides and ministers say about the deviants, ‘We would like to work together, they have a place above our heads’?

For those who want to be ashamed, these shames are enough. Of course, the opposition parties that you criticize on this issue have not had anything to fall back on from you. You have declared war on the values of this society with your hand. Moreover, you persist in this. As long as you rule and act with the book of the secular democratic order, which is the real destruction, corruption for the Muslim people, you can preserve neither the family, nor the generation, nor the youth, nor the society, nor the values. As long as the superstitious order, which is the real cause of destruction, does not change with the Islamic Order, no one, nothing will be safe. In our book, perversion, transgression, prostitution and prostitution are prohibited. This is neither allowed nor approached with tolerance. With the Caliphs who will make that book the crown of his head and implement his decrees, humanity will experience trust and peace until its very marrow, Insha’Allah.

Ahmet SAPA