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The Real Crusade will start upon the Establishment of the Khilafah State, by the Will of Allah!

President Erdogan has criticized the European Court of Justice’s decision that “Employers may bring a headscarf ban to their employees”. (Source: Agencies)


In addition to the explanation above, President Erdogan said: “Where is the freedom of religion? They started a battle between the cross and the half moon. There is no other explanation.” Erdogan is not sincere in his statements. He made similar explanations already in the past. It is possible to see this insincerity in the relations with Syria, the Jewish state and Russia. If Erdogan was sincere in such rhetoric, he would fulfil his requirements immediately and would declare jihad against the obscure states by making a call to the people of the Islamic Ummah. So if the colonial infidels have started a crusade against Muslims, then it is an obligation upon Erdogan to declare Jihad against them. And he would not just roar like he had done before. States like the Netherlands and Austria, which do not compare even to Istanbul, even if they gathered together, dare to be insolent and arrogant towards you. They even deport your ministers. While you; in face of this abasement and disgraceful situation, only talk empty and heroic rhetoric. O Rulers! How can you accept this humiliating situation?! How can you digest this? What kind of mind-set is this for a state? However, holding empty talks is a common characteristic of today’s rulers upon the Muslim Ummah… They do not do anything else other than talking. Thus, they are quite well in hiding their treachery and ugliness against the Ummah. This however, is also going to have an end for sure.

Alongside this, President Erdogan is no longer able to play the role of the oppressed and victim. There is also no political argument left anymore that he can use on this issue. In the early days he tried to keep the attention alive on the December 17-25 events and 15th July coup attempt. However, now the society is starting to get tired of it. As a result, the economy has worsened from day to day, the unemployment rate has continued to rise, the inflation rate has risen, and the growth rate has fallen, these reasons have led the government to be stalemated. It is precisely in this atmosphere that this political crisis with Germany and the Netherlands arose as an opportunity for Erdogan. President Erdogan once again became oppressed and victimized in the eyes of the society. At first, he covered the economic and social problems. And he utilized this very effectively in domestic politics, and is still using it. He consciously fuels this crisis with Europe. This ensures both, the government and himself, to gain ground in advance of the referendum. In short, he increases his “Yes-votes”.

Consequently, it is impossible to cut down those colonial western infidels to size with this kind of rulers. There solely perform empty rhetoric. Under these circumstances, these fierce crusaders will grow more and more ignorant and insolent towards you than they already are, while your humiliation and abasement will increase more and more. It is only the Khilafah State (Caliphate) that will stop this humiliation and put an end to this abasement and that will start the real crusade under the banner of a rightly guided Khalifah upon the method of the Prophethood.


Yılmaz Çelik