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The puppet Awami regime is keen to serve Indian interests more than that of Bangladesh in order to fit itself into the imperialist’s project for South-East Asia

Goods will pass through Bangladesh to different states of India through the use of Chattrogram and Mongla ports. To this end, the Department of Road Transport and Highways has proposed a fee of Tk 2.10 per tonne per kilometer for road use in Bangladesh. However, India objected to the proposal. In view of this, the road toll has been reduced to Tk 1.85 per tonne per kilometer. The Department of Road Transport and Highways had written to the Finance Ministry in February to reduce road tolls. It has recently been approved by the Ministry of Finance. This will reduce the road toll for medium trucks (15 tons) from Taka 538 to 1733 depending on the route it takes.

According to the information, India signed an agreement on October 25, 2016 for the use of Chattogram and Mongla ports. (Source:, published 01.06.2021)

Ever since this Awami regime came into power it has been relentlessly working to serve Indian interests. They have simply conceded all the demands that India made without asking for anything in return. Firstly, they provided India road and water transits through Bangladesh which was inconceivable only a decade ago due to the strategic and security issues. They justified their move on the economic benefits ground projecting a huge financial gain from ports and road charges. Now, they are further conceding to reduced road tolls for Indian goods transportation through Bangladesh. This will effectively cut the competitive edge that local producers have over their Indian counterpart and ultimately this will let to decrease Bangladesh’s export to Easter states of India.

Now, the question to be asked is why does Awami regime prioritize Indian interests over that of Bangladesh? Because this was the very purpose for which she was brought to the ruling position and supported all the way by the Colonialists. As for the American strategy for Southeast Asia, a strong and powerful India along with wider regional connectivity is needed to contain China and resist the rise of true political resurgence of Islam, i.e. the return of the Khilafah (Caliphate), in this region. So, our lackey secular-capitalist rulers must prove that they fit well into this colonial geo-political strategy. Unfortunately, our ruler’s loyalty belongs to their imperialist masters and so is our so-called ‘sovereignty’ under democracy. People of Bangladesh are really helpless under the current ruling system because our rulers are subservient and main stream media houses are also silent on the issue of Indian dominance.

Until and unless a sincere leadership is established in this land that is committed to challenge the existing world order and reject western corrupt ideologies, we cannot unshackle ourselves from the imperialist’s scheme. Only a rightly guided Khalifah (Caliphate) can truly liberate us from this misery because its rulers and representatives would be subject to the commands of Allah (swt), not to those of US-UK-India.

Muhammad Kamal
Member of the Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir in Wilayah Bangladesh