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The Power of the Few Grows in Silence

According to the author of a new Danish book, the wealth and power is growing among a few upper-class families. This is happening without notice because the families are closing in on themselves and live by “a rule of silence”, creating what the author calls a “democratic problem”.


This is not a particular Danish phenomenon, but something happening everywhere where capitalism is dominating. The few rich get richer and more powerful, while the rest get poorer. It seems the trickle-down effect, should be removed from liberal economic literature.

What is however particularly Danish is the fact that no one really knows. Most Danes know more about Donald Trump and Bill Gates, than they know about the powerful families in their own backyard. Most still live under the illusion that their country is one of the most equal in the world, where everything is out in the open, but reality is different.

In a small country like Denmark, powerful families, not only dominate different financial sectors, but also control the media and have large-scale political power.

This is a natural consequence of liberal values and capitalism, and would increase all over the world if it were not for a divine alternative, Islam.

Islam came as a mercy to mankind and challenged tribal domination, the prohibition of hoarding, defined ownership and much more, putting an end to suppression, exploitation and extreme inequality.

Islam is able to end all the ills of Western liberal ideas and hegemony. However, for this to happen we need to present it to the world, so it can once again become more than pretty ideas and beautiful discussions, but rather a implemented as a practical political, economical and social system for all mankind.


Junes Kock

Media Representative of Hizb ut Tahrir in Scandinavia