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The People and the Sincere Influentials of Afghanistan shall not Remain Silent against Crimes of the US

More than 30 civilians, including children, women and elders have been killed and injured in a USAF airstrike carried out on November 4, 2017, in Chardara district of the Kunduz province, Afghanistan. However, the US forces in Afghanistan – despite the overwhelming evidences – claimed in a statement released on November 7, 2017, that those killed were militants only and there were no civilian casualties. Meanwhile, the Afghan authorities have not only shown no reactions to this incident while they were quick to offer their condolences to the victims of the shootings in a church in Texas.

The Hizb ut Tahrir Afghanistan Media Office – condemns the crime committed by the US forces as well as the position of the Afghan rulers in the strongest possible terms. This incident is one another reminder of the treacherous nature of the government appointed by John Kerry, as it was this government that signed the Bilateral Security Agreement with the United States within 24 hours of its inauguration. This government is so alien to its people at a level where they are quick to respond to any major and even minor incident in the US and are unmoved towards the sufferings of their own people at the hands of their masters – the US and NATO forces. Not only that but they have also claimed responsibility for these crimes and have always taken the blame on the Afghan Army.

Therefore, we call upon the people and the sincere influential individuals of Afghanistan to not remain silent towards such incidents anymore; leave those internal differences aside that are created by the government and the foreign embassies; and stand against the bilateral security agreement with the US and NATO, without receiving any support from China or Russia. Because defeating one invader with the assistance of another and having another Loya Jarga – to end the current fragile political and security situation – is not going to result in anything different. In addition, friendship with China and any other country that is already in a war with Islam, is forbidden by Shari’a. Therefore, we should not only separate our intellectual and political lines from this government and each and every eastern and western powers, but also grab the rope of Allah (swt) – the Quran and the Sunnah – unite our strengths and collect our resources in order to put an end to the current situation.


Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir in Wilayah Afghanistan

Wednesday, 19th Safar 1439 AH

08/11/2017 CE

Ref.: Afg. 1439 / 01