The Peace Process in Afghanistan is Political Suicide!


Afghan officials and some reliable reports of Taliban affiliated sources have recently indicated the endorsement of negotiation with Afghan government by the leader of Taliban Mullah Omar, such negotiations are going to be facilitated by Pakistan. The source further adds that Qari Deen Muhammad, one of Taliban’s officials in Qatar, who previously led Taliban’s delegation in China, has visited Pakistan and met Pakistani and Chinese officials. The source has also said the second delegation will visit Islamabad in the next few days, where another Taliban senior member, Abbas Stanikzai, will accompany Qari Deen Muhammad as well. However, the news became one of the hot topics in Afghan media especially after Pakistani Chief of Armed Forces visited Kabul and had meeting with Afghan President, Ashraf Ghani and other senior officials.


Due to the fact that the Muslim Ummah does not have a legitimate state to represent the aspiration of the Ummah making Islam as its main reference. On the behalf of the Ummah, Islam prohibited any sort of peace negotiation with belligerent and colonialist Kuffar, at both individual and organizational level, in any occupied part of the Muslim lands. Indeed this is a betrayal to the fundamentals of the Sharia, whether any Jihadi organization is involved in such process, therefore, it is an act of political suicide.

According to the counter-terrorism agenda; the US and its allies in NATO, have engaged in ideological politics, which is war on Islam. Through this the Muslim Ummah has been targeted intellectually, politically and militarily. Obama, in his rhetoric, insults the intellects of nearly 2 billion Muslims. On the other hand, US has frequently called on Mujahedeen to put down their weapons, accept the secular constitution of Afghanistan and to separate from Al-Qaida, as preconditions for peace negotiation. Hence, when we look at the strength and confidence in the tone of Obama, and PAK, Afghan puppet rulers, it indicates that they might have the tacit agreement of Taliban.

Moreover, these negotiations take place at the time when the US and NATO have already assured their military presence in Afghanistan for a long time. In order to ease the negotiation, the name of Taliban has also been removed from the list of “terrorist organizations”. Furthermore, the US and NATO have recently changed their combat role to “peace” and training. They have also assigned the Afghan and Pakistani traitor rulers and militaries to crush any resistance to their brutal occupation and any call for the reestablishment of Khilafah Rashidah.

Indeed, as we all witness, the main objectives of the US and NATO in the region are:

a) Limiting the influence of China and Russia through the policy of containment,

b) The plundering of natural resources of Central Asia, Caspian Sea and securing their transit routes

c) Prevention of the re-establishment of Khilafah Rashidah in the region. It has been practically proved to Ummah that “terrorism” is not the real enemy of colonial west, but the political Islam, political Muslims, daw’ah conveners for Khilafah Rashidah, and sincere mujahedeen are.

More importantly, the sincere Mujahedeen have to understand the context of the current war and plots of the colonial west, led by US and NATO before committing to such attempts. These kind of efforts are nothing more than a political suicide and betrayal to the sacrifices made by the Muslims of Afghanistan over the last 14 years. Thus, their engagement in peace talks are the clear infringement of related Islamic rules and indicates their commitment to grasp the power not the implementation of Islam.

Written for the Central Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir by

Saifullah Mustanir

Kabul- Wilayah Afghanistan