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The Normalization Government Together with the Criminal Regime in Syria

The party of Iran did not suffice to exercising its criminal role in Syria by sending its elements there to die for the sake of protecting Bashar Assad, in obedience to the terrorist state America. Today this party’s ministers and its followers are trying in vain and by going to extremes in the political decay, launching the regime which is fed the causes of life by America through their announcement that they will go to Damascus on the pretext of being invited to a Industry Fair in Damascus!

The Council of Ministers refused these unreal visits, the Prime Minister allowed that a member of his Government (Minister of Industry) could go to the Syrian regime on a normal visit on the demand that the visit should be labelled “individual” and not “official”!.

If we know that the subject was brought forth by a member from inside the government, but what happened proves that the Lebanese government does not care for the governing the state nor the independence of the political decision, rather its concern is the looting and corrupt deals as oil, deals that generate electricity, fibre-optic network and waste companies.

And this power declares war on anyone that stands in the way of these corrupt deals – even if it is a judge from a justice council or a popular activist!!

Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir in Wilayah Lebanon
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