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The Nation Alliance Promises Capitalism and Crisis Like the Government!

The “Common Policies’ Consensus Text” of the Table of Six representing the main opposition bloc in Turkey was announced in Ankara with the participation of 6 political party leaders. The text, which is the election manifesto of the nation alliance, consists of a total of 240 pages under 9 main headings and 75 sub-headings. The published text contains promises on many issues ranging from judicial reform to the education system, from the economy to the unemployment problem, from the fight against corruption to development, from domestic and foreign policy to public administration.  (Agencies, 03.02.2023)

The promises announced by the Table of Six, which has yet to reach an agreement on who will be their presidential candidate, are theoretically very similar to the promises of AK Party before it came to power. Because all parties that enter elections and want to come to power make such election promises. Democrat politicians in Turkey scatter promises around to flatter the emotions of the people. If the parties had realized their election promises, we would not be talking about the same problems over and over again today.

Although the consensus text announced by Table of Six is based on the mistakes and negativities that the AK Party government has done so far, when we look at the consensus text, we see the following. This text is a text that longs for the status quo where the elected are wiped out. This text is a text that, on the one hand, paints a false picture by saying that it will free the judiciary from political tutelage, and on the other hand, recommends to resurrect the military tutelage. More concretely, this text is a text that wants to turn Turkey from the American axis to the British and European axis with the emphasis on a “Strengthened Parliamentary System”.

In addition, there are many issues on which the parties that claim to have reached an agreement in the written text do not actually agree. The much-discussed “Istanbul Convention” is an example of this. The Good Party, CHP, Deva and the Future Party say that they will return to all international conventions of subversion, even though it is not written in the consensus text. The so-called Islamist Felicity Party on the other hand, opposes the Istanbul Convention. However, it legitimizes the jewish entity by supporting America’s two-state solution to the Palestinian issue, which is included in the text. It is truly exemplary that the party of the National Vision, which for years did politics on the basis of anti-Zionism, has reached the point it has reached today.

On the other hand, it goes without saying that the promises in this text are no different from the previous empty promises made to deceive the people before the elections. Before the 2002 elections, the AK Party issued an election manifesto with similar promises. Unsurprisingly, the titles were the same. Rights, law, justice, economic development, fight against corruption, abolition of bans, education reform, prevention of waste in the state, etc.  But none of these promises were fulfilled. Nothing has been fixed. At this point, we have an education system whose success rate is going through the floor, an economy that has collapsed due to corruption, interest and rent policies, a society that has been corrupted in the vortex of immorality of secular life, and a Turkey where approximately 5 million crimes are committed annually.

In short, the truth is that with democratic thought and politics, none of the problems of Muslims can and have been solved! If you do not have a clean alternative project to capitalism, which is a filthy and outdated system, you do what is put in front of you in an integrated manner with global colonialism. As a matter of fact, just like the ruling AK Party, it is possible to see the global capitalism in many of the promises of the Table of Six in the opposition, such as the European Union Goal, loyalty to NATO, gender equality, the imposition of climate change, the view on the Palestinian issue, etc.! Moreover, the idea of self-interest, which is the political measure of the secular republic, inevitably leads to lawlessness, patronage, corruption and degeneration at home. The past 66 governments, which have not been able to properly solve any of Turkey’s problems, are proof of this.

Therefore, real change can only come through the rules and solutions of Islam. Neither the American presidential system nor the British parliamentary system can bring about this change. Only the Khilafah Rashidah (rightly guided Caliphate) state, based on the method of the Prophethood, can bring about real change, real justice and true development.

[لِمِثْلِ هٰذَا فَلْيَعْمَلِ الْعَامِلُونَ]

“For such ˹honour˺ all should strive.” [As-Saffat 61]

Muhammed Emin Yıldırım