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The Main Source of the Problem is for Sure Secularism and its Regime Democracy

At the introduction meeting of “4th National Action Plan with the Struggle Against violence to women” President Erdogan underlined the following words: “It should be remembered that the struggle against violence against women is also the struggle to protect the right, law and honour of our mother, wife and daughter, each of whom is a part of our lives.” (Agencies)

One of the undeniable facts that is increasing rapidly and continues to increase in Turkey compared to recent years is violence against women and child abuse. However, this is not only the problem of Turkey locally, but also of the whole world. In 2012, the law no. 6284, which is accepted as the protection of the family and in the first article of the law on prevention of violence against women, children, and family members of persons who are victims of violence and unilateral persistent tracking protection measures to be taken against the person for the purpose of prevention of organized principles and procedures. After laws and sanctions issued to protect women, violence against women and child abuse figures increased significantly. In other words, the laws enacted failed to protect the family, society and generation. Yet, it is still the same.

Governors who say that they fight violence against women at every turn try to ignore the real source of the problem with their demagoguery and fancy action plans. Unfortunately, they also succeeded. Today, while everyone on the issue is focused on the surface problem they are not talking about the actual reason of violence against women.

Again, governors were unable to answer even simple questions such as “what is the main source of violence against women”, “what is the main thing that makes the family, society and generation to be ruined”?

On the other hand, governors who speak with a struggling spirit at every turn, manipulate the public with their speeches, the rulers. The main reason for all this violence against women and social disclosure is that the state of Turkey is based on the principles of a secular democratic republic. The murders that you want to end today, the rapes that you have prepared all kinds of action plans to end, the criminal cases that can not get in the way are the laws arising from the democratic order. It should be known that the source of all problems, brutality, violence within the family, social disclosure is undoubtedly the secular democratic republic itself. Why?

The Republic of Turkey, founded on the Caliphate State, expelled the provisions of Allah from life and imprisoned them on the shelves in accordance with secularism. The provisions of Allah and the solutions caused by revelation have been replaced by human provisions and solutions. If I put it more succinctly, provisions of Islam has been replaced by laws and provisions of human origin imported from the West, which are not of Islam.

(اَفَحُكْمَ الْجَاهِلِيَّةِ يَبْغُونَ وَمَنْ اَحْسَنُ مِنَ اللّٰهِ حُكْماً لِقَوْمٍ يُوقِنُونَ)

“Is it the judgment of pre-Islamic ignorance they seek? Who could be a better judge than Allah for people of sure faith?” [Al-Maidah: 50]

Feeding from the West and also demanding help from it, which sees a woman as a commodity, tries to destroy the concept of the family, ruined generations; is no different from demanding help from a hunter who tries to trap you.

The current secular system has put aside solutions that are suitable for human nature and provide happiness to the heart and started to apply solutions that are opposed to human nature and even distort it on people, leaving us alone with a generation and family whose fitness is corrupt. This is exactly the main reason for this corruption, disclosure and impasse.

The religion of Islam is a religion that ensures the happiness of mankind both in the world and in Hereafter. Achieving happiness is only possible by applying happy provisions to the heart related to life in life. For this reason, we say: instead of seeking the solution of their problems in the secular democratic republic regimes, Muslims should seek the provisions of Allah, who ensures the happiness of humanity both in the world and in the hereafter, and gives satisfaction to the heart.

The responsibility of those sitting in the executive office requires fearlessly saying that the secular democratic republic administration is the source of error in itself and abandoning this system of governance. Otherwise not trashtalk.

Abdullah İmamoğlu