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The Latest Bloodbath in Jenin, Palestine

An emergency meeting was held by the Palestinian Authority committee led by Nabil Abu Rudeineh who condemned the massacre by the occupation entity and its massacre and raid on Jenin. The committee called for the public’s peaceful resistance and announced the halt of all security coordination efforts between the occupying entity and the Palestinian Authority. Also called for the immediate direction to the Security Council and the ICC (Palestine TV, Jan 26, 2023)

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken will travel to Egypt, ‘Israel’ and the West Bank this weekend, the State Department announced Thursday, as the U.S. expressed alarm about escalating violence after ‘Israel’s’ single deadliest operation in the West Bank in two decades. Blinken’s visit to ‘Israel’ has been planned for weeks but the Israeli raid on a West Bank refugee camp earlier Thursday that the Palestinians say killed nine people, including a 61-year-old woman, will likely dominate his talks in Jerusalem and Ramallah. The Israeli military also fatally shot a 22-year-old Palestinian later in the day. (Washington Post, Jan 26, 2023)

The price of the Palestinian blood is cheap… cheaply spilled, cheaply violated, cheaply desecrated, cheaply disregarded ignored and neglected. 9 people killed including an elderly woman and 4 in critical condition and dozens injured in today’s bloodbath in the Jenin camp. Raising the number of Shuhada (martyrs) to 30 in this month alone. The Jewish entity’s army fired tear gas in hospitals and raided and torched several houses in today’s massacre. IDF tanks bulldozing cars in the streets with one car stilling having a person in it!

The Shabak in their special operations taskforce raided the Jenin camp in broad daylight came out to Jenin with the cover of the “Israeli Defense Force” attacked the homes of the Palestinians burning them to a char targeting specific individuals.

Assassinations without accountability by the Muslim rulers nevertheless the international community that sticks its head in the sand when Palestine is under vicious attack.

What is the worth of the Palestinian Authority’s condemnation and its Health Ministry?

What is the expected reaction from the international criminal courts?!

The public is outraged, schools went on strike in protest of the atrocity, stores and ministries closed, flash protests occurred throughout the major cities of Palestine.

If it were up to the people of Palestine, they would face the occupying forces bare-chested with only the shield of bravery. Who shackles our Ummah from this retaliation if not for the intelligence surveillance, the eyes and ears of the brutal criminal regimes? Indeed they are not of our kind despite their names and appearance, they are from the munafiqeen (hypocrites) and the traitors and agents.

The insistent disappointment from the Arab regimes and other Muslim countries who possess the necessary means to eradicate this bloodthirsty occupying entity, but the call is real from the people of Palestine, the call for liberation must be fulfilled by those from the sincere ones in the Muslim armies. And not from the likes of US Secretary Blinken who come to quell the escalation in the West Bank calling on the Palestinian Authority to ensure calm over the Palestinians. Despite the chaos and political lingo all these efforts are to maintain the pre-established status quo and ensure the public situation does not get out of hand, something that America is not prepared to handle at this current time. The Palestinian movements and Jihadi factions may succumb to public pressure to avenge the massacre in Jenin if the PA and Americans do not quell their outrage.

Now more than ever, the Khilafah (Caliphate) state is an urgent demand of the people to stop the blatant attacks on the Muslim Ummah and to eradicate the cancerous entity in the Blessed Land, thus allowing mothers to end their grieving of their sons in cold blood.

Manal Bader

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